Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I listen to my kids all day!!! And there are just days I feel like I'm giggling all day:) So here's what I've been hearing from my silly (thinking they are serious) crew!

Brian and Anna were verbally spelling out words over a meal. Brian thought he'd give her a tough one by having her spell out some AWANA words... like Sparks, Cubbies and Puggles!!

She did well sounding out the words letter by letter:) Then she challenged Brian, "Well Daddy, can you spell T-n-T?"

LOL!!! Soo funny:)

I heard the girls squealing "EWWWW!!!" from Christopher's room. And then I heard why...

Chris was in his room explaining to the girls that he liked to eat "deer". And he proceeds to explain why he was eating deer, "I go in the woods and I shoot the deer with my gun. Not the baby deer, just the mommy and daddy deer because they are big."

Then he says, "Watch out, you are standing in the deer house." The girls ask how he knows and he answers, "because that is their poop in there."

Oh, dear (hhahahaa) I might have a hunter on my hands???

Lydia is still working on her pronouns.... it's too precious:) Here is one of my favorites:

"We can name we baby Sweetie Pie. I think we baby brother will like dat name."

She's really pulling for his name to be Sweetie Pie:) Maybe we can nickname him Cutie Pie just to incorporate Lydia's name suggestion.

Last night as I was getting Dinner on the table a conversation went like this...

Lydia: "What we having for dinner?"

Me: "Rice, chicken and onions." (naming the stuff she does like!!)

Lydia: "Do it have fings in it?"

Me: "What are fings?"

Lydia: "Fings I don't like."

Ohhhh, so precious!!


Katarina said...

Those are too cute. I love the things kids say, I really should get better at remembering some of the ones that come out of my kids mouth!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

None of the "fings" I don't like...LOL!

Your kids are so cute. Love these!

Happy TTT!