Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not soo pretty....

The snow was beautiful!!

Watching kids (and hubby) playing in the snow was great!

But Momma trying to get into her "snow clothes" was not sooo pretty! LOL

First was my snow pants/coveralls. Brian pulled them out of the attic last night when we realized that the snow was truely coming;) This morning as we were dressing to go play in the snow I attempted to get them on:)

LOL.... I seriously did laugh and then grabbed the camera!

Anna was able to use the pants. She was GLAD to use them and almost giddy when they didn't fit me!! LOL!! Brian rolled the pants and them taped them... LOL!! But she stayed out in the snow at least an 1.5 hour both times!! So they kept her fairly warm!

The other "struggle" was getting my boots on!! The photo doesn't do it justice... LOL, you can't hear the grunting... hahhaa!! Now, I know my belly has just begun the growth, but all the layers of clothing plus the belly made getting my boots on that much harder! Too funny!

Of course, my always encouraging hubby thought the best part was me getting up with all the layers, boots and belly! I had to go to the side to get up... oh, I soo thought I wasn't at that stage yet:) LOL!!

Where is Nathaniel??? With all the layers, my 26 week baby belly blended in! Sure there is thickness in the middle, but I don't think I look 26 weeks preggo!

We are planning to spend more time outside tomorrow... and I have more snow pictures to share later:)

Until then I'm getting some rest so I can keep up with my "snow loving" crew tomorrow!!


Drea said...

Even tho I knew abt this before u posted it.. I thought u were going to say the ICE wasnt so pretty LOL... that photo is hilarious.

Stam House said...

LOL I have the same problem with getting out in snow and finding clothes that fit the ever growing belly!

But we had snow since November and will have it until early may!!!! I wonder what I will be wearing for the next few months (guess I need to go shopping for some winter clothes LOL)

Jenny said...

That is hilarious! I remember having trouble zipping my winter coat when I was pregnant, but I never played in the snow.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha! Great photos. :) You don't even look preggo in that last shot! :)