Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works For Me! Wednesday - Backwards Edition

Well I am very excited about WFMW this week b/c I get to share all my advice on other strangers' blogs and it's because they ASKED!! LOL!!!

Not really, it's backwards week.... so I get to ask for some advice!! And I actually have TWO... is that cheating??? I really do need help in BOTH areas!!!

QUESTION #1 - We are planning how to make our house run more smoothly when Baby Brother arrives in early May!! One thing we have thought of is to have a freezer full of ready-to-thaw & eat meals!!! We have neighbors and friends that have been soo gracious to us in the past (you are are sweet angels!!!) But with our food allergies it's tough for those not used to our diet to make/purchase food for us!!

So what are some meals that freeze well and are easy to have on the table during that postpartum blur??? They can NOT contain MILK products, EGG products (including noodles) or PEANUT products!!

QUESTION #2 - Anna and I have been working on her reading for a LONG time:) She's been through almost 2 whole reading programs (just b/c the 1st was not as comprehensive)! She's really reading now and I really want to have a variety of level books for her.... some just fun books, some on her level and then others that are a little above that will push her reading into higher levels.

The picture was from the day she WOWed me by showing me she could read her Bible!

So for those homeschoolers/teachers, how do you determine what level a child is reading at??? And then what resources do you use to get books for them at their level??

Well I look forward to getting a little help from some of the more experienced chefs and homeschoolers!! And I hope to find some time to visit some WFMW backwards posts to offer what wisdom I can:)


Lainie said...

The quick and easy way to determine reading level is to hand them a book. If they miss more than 5 words, it's too hard. Use the Sonlight catelog for lists of great books.

Have you ever read Frozen Assets? It's a great way to start in freezer cooking!

3XMom said...

hearty soups are great to freeze - tomato-based meat chili and white chicken chilis are particularly great!

'Becca said...

Congratulations on your little Bible reader!

My best freezer food is burritos. Look for a great price on a big pack of tortillas and make a few different flavors. There are two burrito recipes in my old online cookbook but you'd leave out the cheese.

Here are two lentil recipes that are easy to make even when you're busy and tired! High fiber is so important postpartum, and lentils have lots of protein too.

Julie Bagamary said...

The bean burritos look yummy and easy.

Larissa Smith said...

I'm actually in the process of doing this myself - due date is January 31st. The meals I already have frozen are:

Chicken enchiladas (froze the rolled up, filled tortillas and a block of cheese ready to grate over the top)
Gooey burgers (meatloaf sandwiches with velveeta, individually foil-wrapped)
Pork tenderloin frozen in our favorite marinade, ready to thaw and cook
Beef stroganoff (made a double, froze half, easy to eat with rice instead of noodles)
Poppyseed chicken (lined the pyrex with heavy duty foil, froze, popped out and wrapped again)
Breakfast casserole (same as poppyseed chicken)
Chili (made a double batch, froze half)

I'm also planning to make a lasagna, plus I am freezing the toppings for baked potatoes, nachos, the makings for quesadillas, bacon sandwiches, etc.

I know several of those don't fall into your diet category, but I just wanted you to know that you can basically freeze anything. Any casserole is easy to freeze in a lined pan, just be sure you also thaw it in the pan. And leave off any toppings like cracker or bread crumbs until cooking time - they won't crisp up well after freezing. You could even assemble hoagie type sandwiches (minus fresh veggies), freeze them individually wrapped, then stick them straight in the oven or toaster oven until hot before topping with a few fresh things. Soups are great to freeze as well. Be sure you have some brown n serve frozen rolls, too, and you're eating pretty well for a baby household.

SkylarKD said...

I have to stock my freezer soon, too. We always have a bunch of food in it, but it's time to clear it out, eat the old food, and make a stockpile for when our baby is due in May!

We generally freeze:
- tomato-based chili
- chicken broth-based chili (no tomato sauce)
- spaghetti & other tomato sauces
- hamburgers and turkey/chicken burgers
-sausages (no prep needed, just BBQ for supper!)
- soup (minestrone or parsnip and potato)
- homemade chicken nuggets
- apple/berry crisps
- frozen waffles and pancakes

I also want to try freezing macaroni and cheese, and try some new soups