Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Homemade is Better :)

Anna will tell you that I made some GROSS muffins this week!! And she'll stress GROSS! In fact she was complaining about her stomach hurting last night and blamed it on the ONE bite of the muffin she ate days ago:) She also decided they were gross enough to tell the other mothers at Library Reading Time Tuesday morning.... LOL!!!

The problem was that during dinner preparation, I decided to use some muffin mix I bought for a great deal. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the free Martha White muffin mix had eggs in it... GRRR!!

You see because of the food allergies we pretty much make all of our bready treats from stratch.... muffins, pancakes, cookies, brownies (etc)!! It was hassle at first, but now we're soo used to eating homemade!!!! In fact, I "cheated" a couple of months ago and made some brownie mix with egg (Lydia and Chris had NO reactions... YAY!!) but the taste wasn't as rich... there was an obvious difference to me, the girl who can't tell namebrand from generic:) And then this week with Anna and the muffins!

Why is Homemade better??? Well one of the reasons, I think, is that we use regular ingredients and not extra stuff that acts like a preservative or cost-cutters!! But there is another reason:)

Today while the boys were out:) The girls made some cookies to surprise them:) We got the warmest and yummiest part of the deal:) But while I took pictures of the girls enjoying some of the batter I found out WHY??? (LOL)

Here it is!! (with me still practicing in the manual setting and somehow focused on the wrong part of the viewing screen)

Did you catch the drool bomb from Lydia heading RIGHT for the BOWL????

Good thing these were meant to stay at our house and not be shared with neighbors:) I'm not sure anyone would want these... LOL!!


Katarina said...

Oh come cook them, what's a little drool? ;) I'd eat them, cuz they look yummy!

Jenny said...

Too funny! Can you share with your favorite sweet treat recipes? My nephew can have eggs, but not milk and soy. My daughter is allergic to tree nuts. I'm trying to find a recipe for a brownie or cake they can both eat for a party this weekend.

Oh and have you tried Pamela's Products? I've read some great reviews of their stuff.

Cheryl said...

We do a lot of homemade starches too due to the fact that we have dairy allergies in my family. Thanks for stopping by my blog and suggesting a homeschhool consignment shop for my math problem!

Stacey said...

We LOVE homemade too :) Besides, if you're eating off the spoon anyway, there's bound to be some fragments of saliva hanging around! No biggie.

Meg said...

Haha! Too funny! The batter is the best part of baking!