Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Welcome to another week of random conversations from my house!
I blogged a bit of the situation surrounding the conversation... but later in the day I remembered what Anna's conversation with me was!!! (soo glad I remembered) Anyway, as we were reading we were snuggled under a fleecy blanket and Anna started fooling with the tag...

She read the tag and looked up at me in awe, "Mommy, was this really made in China? CHINA?"

And I just hadn't thought about it. Of course most of our Walmart items are made in China, so the awe wasn't there for me... LOL!!

Anna says, "MOmmy, China? Like where they grow rice and where we read about in our history book? Remember that? It's really far away? We have something from CHINA!!"

Oh, to be amazed at the little things like a child. And the innocence and awe that is no longer there when we have an "adult understanding" of how our world now works!

One of our favorite treats on bagels, oatmeal and banana bread is a mixture of cinnamon sugar that we keep in an old cinnamon container.... really special, huh?

Anyway, Lydia (almost 3) has been asking for the mixture on her bagels and oatmeal for months now. I'm not sure why we've noticed what she actually calls it now (as opposed to months ago).

She'll ask,"Tan I have a bagel with buuuter and some sugar-sugar!" it's too cute and hard to resist quickly filling her request:)

Christopher (4 yrs old) is easily my food critic of the bunch. He usually is willing to try something and has the broadest range of foods he likes of our 3 children (he enjoys more veggies than his Daddy...LOL)! He'll mix condiments for his chicken and puts grape jam on his biscuits.

This week I brought home some "new" juice. I was pretty sure that we'd had it before but the kids didn't remember the container. So the girls woun't try it. Chris gladly accepted the glass without even knowing what kind it was.

He responded, "Hmmmm, I like that juice. It's really good, but I don't really like it's flavor."

LOL!!! How can you like a juice but not it's flavor?? He cracks me up:)

Speaking of Christopher.....

He demanded this morning, "When is my baby brother coming out of your tummy? I'm tired of waiting!!!"

LOL.... I reminded him that we have a LONG wait because Brother needs to finish growing in my tummy. And Brother is getting stronger and stronger with his kicks:) Brian can feel Baby's kicks already, so if the kids would sit a little longer then they would be able to feel him kick!!


Meg said...

Aww, that is so exciting about family being able to feel baby boy kick! The most exciting part of pregnancy to me was when other people could feel the kicks as well!
I love Lydia's "sugar-sugar". We used to have that special mix growing up too-made everything so much better! :)

Jenny said...

Too funny! LOL about liking the juice, but not the flavor!

Totally unrelated, but the other day I had mentioned Pamela's Products for their allergy free products. However, I finally made it to Whole Foods to get the chocolate cake mix and it is NOT allergy free at all! Right under the ingredients, it says made in a facility with tree nuts, eggs, milk, etc, etc.

That was so annoying! Don't waste your time on that.

Bunch of Barrons said...

How sweet! Love those little conversations...and that is awesome about the family being able to feel baby kicking! :) Such a fun memory!

Erica said...

aww! Elliot was really impatient to get the twins out, and one day demanded that I get them out RIGHT NOW!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

AWww...it won't be long till baby brother is there and kicking all over :)

Love the "sugar sugar". Your kids are adorable. I love coming by here - it sounds like my house!