Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday: Watching Movies with the Kids

We are very cautious and selective in what we allow the kids to watch! My kids know Disney characters from previews off their Charlotte's Web and Little Einstein videos or toys/books they have. They watch videos, PBS kids and we've been enjoying Little House on the Prairie epidsodes from Netflix:)

One reason, is because I was exposed to WAY too much during my childhood!! So we have tried to "protect" the kids from adult content.... "oh, becareful little eyes what you see...." Sorry, it just popped in my head;)

Another reason is that my kids are affected by "scary" scenes ( a lot like me) and they definitely understand storylines and sad plots! While watching Little House this weekend, Anna was just bawling (in tears) at the end!

Here they are at Grammie's New Year's Day watching a movie with Grammie and Uncle Eric.

The last few days we have let them watch some other movies (recommended by family and friends)!! My confession is that I find Christopher's response to "intense" scenes hiliarious!!! He will run in and out of the TV room when the show gets intense.... he wants to watch it to find out what happens but he wants to not see the "scary" parts:)

Here is actually sitting and "enjoying" the movie:)
Then it got a little "scary"... actually the suspensiful parts really took away from the point of the movie (in my opinion)! And everyone said that this movie wasn't scary... yes, they all forgot about the henchmen attack dogs!!!

So Chris makes his loops in and out of the room!! On the right, he is holding a weapon... we actually had to move him away from the TV so he won't hit it! He wasn't dramatic, just physically moving from place to place. And while sometimes he'll crawl in a lap, when he watches movies he just runs!

And this is how Lydia watched most of the movie. Just relaxing on the floor with her blanket. And Anna stayed snuggled with Grammie for most of the movie:)

This was my favorite pic of the bunch:) I love how the character is staring right down at Chris:)
Anyone want to guess what movie we saw at Grammie's??

And I did link up to Not Me! Monday today:) here are more mommy confessions:)


Stacey said...

Rowan is exactly like Christopher when he watches movies or TV! I'm so glad for his sensitivity, but it makes it really hard when we are at someone else's house and they want to watch something. He isn't even used to Disney stuff! Those movies are way too scary for him.

Bria, on the other hand, could care less about TV, and just leaves the room to make trouble somewhere else :)

Pixel Perfect said...

Hi! I'm reading through the "not me mondays" I love the last picture too! What a great shot!


Jessica D. said...

My hubby cries at Little house on the Prairie. When ever they girls want to watch it he say NO WAY! lol

He's such a sap! But I love that about him :D

Bunch of Barrons said...

My mom was always pretty picky about what we watched too...I think it's definitely a good practice! Your kiddos are too cute! :)