Saturday, January 9, 2010

Conversation with Anna

Anna was having a "serious" conversation with me this morning while she we were reading together...

(I just grabbed a library book that was labeled with a level and had her go at it and she DID. Last night she read 2 chapters and this morning she was eager to read another!!! She stumbled over a few words... basically guessing, but as soon as I encouraged her to sound the word out, she knew the words and went right on her way!! )

Anyway, I was looking down at this 5 yr old turned "teenager" and I just started to giggle at her (our) conversation! The concept was soo grown but some of the thoughts and expressions were still from a child.

She looked up at me and asked,"What are you laughing at?"

I just shrugged.... I didn't want her to think I was laughing at her! But it was such a funny, sweet and reflective moment.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't run to a piece of paper and write it down right away.... I knew I would forget it in the midst of our busy schooling morning.

It's funny with Anna.... she's getting soo much more mature now, but in soo many ways she's still a younger girl (only 5). We look at her and know that her antics and conversations aren't "baby cute" anymore... but it's nice to have a "more grown" child to talk to during the day. And that's part of my kids growing up and maturing... the "baby" phases and chubby cheeks pass and the questions and conversations of a maturing child now also are a part of our home.

*The picture is from earlier this week when the kids helped me take down the Christmas tree... they all were eager to help! Then they started to play with the branches.... it was funny all the different things they pretended the branches were.... this was Anna and her branch umbrella:)

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