Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Night at the Truck Pull

Brian came home last night all excited that a "MONSTER TRUCK" show was nearby. So we ate a quick bite for dinner (good thing I fed them a BIG lunch) and headed out to the show!!! Chris has been talking about seeing Monster Trucks since he started talking, so it was a treat to take him to see them!!

Here's a little video montage I quickly put together!

For a night out with the family it was fun! The kids really liked it (after they got some real earplugs in)! And they got to see and sit with Caleb and Taite:)

Andrea blogged some fun pictures too... and YES my husband DID use mini marshmallows as earplugs (we had originially packed them for the kids to snack on)!

We had a quick errand to run while we were in town. The kids immediately started asking for hamburgers when we all got into our car! Anyway, so they got another "treat" by having a "car picnic" LATE at night!

We aren't usually spur-of-the-moment type people.... in fact for many decisions/projects we take a LONG time to make!! LOL!! But last night, we all really enjoyed getting out, meeting up with friends and mixing up the routine a bit.


Rachel said...

I think y'all are officially small town residents now :)

Anonymous said...