Friday, January 29, 2010

Not even 100 days!!!!

It's soo great to have the pregnancy counter!!! but it seems like it skips days....LOL... do we really have less than 100 DAYS before we get to meet Nathaniel face-to-face??? I'm 26 weeks!!

I am definitely showing:) LOL!! People just comment about the pregnancy and the number of children I have (or will have) now instead of kind of looking sideways at me wondering if I'm expecting or just fat!! LOL

So here is what has changed with the me over these last weeks:
I weigh more...LOL!

  • I grab little snacks between meals because i am hungry

  • The heartburn is CRAZY... sometimes keeping me awake into the wee hours of the AM

  • I am constantly thristy and thereforer making many pit stops during the day

  • The very lowest part of my back and my hips hurt when I lay down... different pains than with my other pregnancies

    My belly has firmed up a LOT... so I can't blame the side pudge on baby belly anymore!

    I've had more energy.... cleaning the house at least an hour or more after the kids go to bed... it's actually a really nice schedule for me!!

    I'm starting to move more like a pregnant lady.... I can't just stand up after sitting on the floor... it's more a sideways slow movement upward:) LOL!! But I really thought it would happen earlier... so I am pleased that many movements are still pretty normal... no waddling yet... LOL, it's coming!! I know;)

    I'm using all maternity pants now and mostly maternity or longer-styled shirts. The sweatpants above are my absolute favorite... I could live in them! LOL!! I found them at Burlington Coat Factory for $5!! Then below is my favorite "nice" shirt... it's not maternity, but long and I found it on the clearance rack at Target:) I'm hoping I don't stretch it out too much so I can wear it after Nathaniel comes, too!

    And here's how Nathaniel has changed....

    • He's very reliable... LOL!! He kicks about 20 minutes after I eat (unless I am super busy... then he just enjoys the ride...LOL), when I first lay down to sleep/nap and anytime I rest!
    • He loves hearing his siblings and moves when he hears them. Chris and I were sharing a bed at my parents, Chris woke me at the "crack of dawn" and as soon as Nathaniel heard him talking to me he was wake, too!! (makes me want to rethink the boys sharing a room in the future...LOL!!)
    • His kicks are firm but in no way uncomfortable (yet). Brian and Anna have felt some SOLID kicks... Lydia and Chris say that "Nathaniel has kicked me" but I'm not sure if they just WANT to feel him or if he really got them:)
    • According to, Nathaniel is able 2 pounds and 13 inches now!! I like having the some measurements.... It's amazing that a little guy longer than a ruler is floating around in my belly:) And how developed he is with his eyes opening and even his eyelashes forming this week:)

    So there is an update for everyone:) Thanks for asking and sharing this exciting time. We have been pretty busy lately... I really thought life would slow down a bit after Christmas...LOL! But we are doing well and are just soo blessed with Nathaniel and all of us are counting down until we get to see him face-to-face:)


    Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

    Beautiful baby bump photo...thanks for the update!

    Bunch of Barrons said...

    You look adorable! Glad things are going well, and you are feeling good! I had lots of pains with Tirzah that I didn't have with dr said that she was probably just snuggled in a little differently.

    Stam House said...

    You look amazing!!! Am 20 weeks and feel pretty much like you, heartburn and hungry all the time and yes definitely showing too LOL

    Soon you'll be meeting you precious little one!!!

    Jenny said...

    26 weeks already! Where does the time go? You look great.

    jaclyn said...

    you look soo pretty!! love the red and black top! save it for my next go round!

    Meg said...

    You look great! Such a cute baby belly! I hear after your first baby that all future pregnancies go faster because of being busier. I think I will look forward to that!

    Ashley said...

    What a perfect belly!! You look great. Thanks for the update.