Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Look Into our Homeschooling Day

Every year I am intriged by the schedules of other homeschooling families.... I always wonder how they get everything done! And then throw into the mixture, some smaller ones ...LOL

Before I share what we aim for our schedule to look like..... let me say that I've realized over the years that I am sooo much more "task-oriented" than "time-oriented". I follow the to-do list more than I follow the clock... which sometimes gets me into trouble (like lunch at 2pm)!! LOL!! So I do have a couple of times on my schedule, but they are "goals and guides"!!

6:30/7 - we all wake and start cleaning up, eating breaskfast, doing chores, I sneak in some "quiet" and/or computer time

8:30 -10:15am Start work at the table : Bible (Together); I do reading and math with Anna (little ones play with few activities I have laid out); Anna works alone with finishing math sheet, maybe some copywork and reads on the couch for 15minutes(I work with Chris and then Lydia); Anna and I do Grammer (Lydia and Chris play with activities or flip through library books)

Quick break/snack
We sit on the couch with our Science/History books (Lydia and Chris's chance to learn to sit still with a couple books and some quiet toys). We read our assignment for the day, Anna answers questions and narrates back to me, read/look through library books about that subject, do maps/coloring page/craft (depending on time)

11:30ish - OUTSIDE or something fun!! Lately we've been riding our bikes... get the kids running aorund and moving and burning off some energy:)
12-1ish - Prep for lunch, eat lunch, chill with Daddy for a bit, then back on the couch to read some library books before naps:)

1:45/2 - Lydia and Chris take naps; Anna and I read, or Anna works on a project or finishes a task, sometimes she naps, too:)

3 - Our friends get off the bus:) Quick snack with the kids that are awake and then get to work on homework.... I try to save Anna a few assignments like the part B of the math worksheet, spelling, copywork or coloring so she can "do homework" with the others.
Outside after assignments are completed. Sometimes we/they play outside until Daddy comes out and lets me go in to start dinner.

6:30 - Dinner/ Family time - after dinner we usually head back outside, run errands,etc

8ish - clean up, baths and prep for bed then read until 9!
After the kids go to bed I usually try to get a little more housework finished... vaccuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Then I'll hang out with Brian to watch a movie, or get on the computer.
I feel like out day is packed!!! It's NOT stressful.... just busy. I feel like I have virtually NO time to myself minus LATE at night.... but that is the season I am in... and I must have a little time to have even written this right... LOL... been working on it for days:)

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The Activity Mom said...

You guys get a lot done! Great schedule. Thanks for sharing it with us!