Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hooked on Reusable

I had a great set of cloth napkins to review from Love of Earth ( a great Etsy Mom shop)!! The napkins were there ready for us to use, but I was worried the cloth napkins were going to be more of a hassel to use. Finally, I ran out of paper and forgot to purchase more.

So we made the switch and haven't looked back:) All of us like using the cloth sooo much better than paper. I love that I'm not throwing away 15+ paper napkins a day!! In fact the kids will either reuse a pretty clean cloth napkin OR not use one at all!! I MIGHT have 6 to wash per day and they aren't any dirty after the meal either:)

I got to post my review of LOVE for Earth on SIMPLE. Brian saw me working on the review and said, "You know, I'd actually be disappointed if we switched back to paper." WOW!!! Poor guy, first I had him eating quiche, now he's drinking soymilk and using cloth napkins....LOL!!

The other switch that was easy to make was to start using Reusable Produce Bags!! Oh, I LOVE these bags!! They are soo easy to have tucked into my shopping bag ready to go. They are soo much nicer to have in the fridge... they are prettier, let the produce breathe and they keep everything together! Not to mention that they are helping me be less wasteful!!

Kara at Love for Earth also has other GREAT reusable products, like lunch bags and puppy training pads. SIMPLE is hosting an AWESOME giveaway for a $40 gift certificate to Love for Earth, only two more days to enter, this giveaway ends Saturday night!!
**Photos for this post are from Love for Earth!
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Drea said...

Last night we went shopping.. and we were out of EVERYTHING.. as I shopped I realized "OH NO MY BAGS!" TOTALLY FORGOT!! I never forget them.. well rarely.. and honestly felt very sad i didnt have them :( they are nice! love my envirosax as well. Those matched with her produce bags are awesome.

Songbirdtiff said...

I love those produce bags. That would be so much better than throwing away the useless bags that come from the grocery store. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

I love it that she uses birdseye for the napkins! I have a ton of birdseye flat diapers, and I'm seriously contemplating sewing them into napkins. What a great idea!

Cristin said...

I need some of these bags! great idea.