Thursday, September 17, 2009

Throwback Thursday verse and AWANA-lovers

Anna's AWANA verse last week and this week was John 3:16.... I remember teaching that verse to her and making a video of her reciting it....

This was from Feb '08... Anna was 3 months shy of her 4th birthday:) She sounds sooo little:)

And then we make a video of her reciting/practicing it again before AWANA last night!

I am just amazed at the little difference. How she pronounces words, how young she looks, sweet memories:)

BTW.... Anna is my AWANA- girl!!! She LOVES AWANA and loves to tell people she is in AWANA!! Everytime we're in the car she wants to practice her AWANA club song, she wrote out her verse to give to her teacher (cute!) and we practiced her verse at least EVERYDAY this last week (sometimes a couple of different times throughout the day). She loves her teacher and is looking forward this week to inviting another neighborhood friend!

While dropping them off last night, I was really questioning my decision to participate (I left BOTH younger kids in their classes fussing and screaming)! But I was soo thankful to be greeted with happy, AWANA-loving little kids.....

I think it's a great and safe opportunity for my kiddies to be exposed to other children and teachers that they can learn from. I appreciate the teachers and leadership that really try to keep discipline positive and help the kids to understand more about God and His Word:)


Drea said...

Lydia straightens up in like 2 seconds, seriously. I just think they are so use to being with mama or daddy that its hard to be thrown into a room with others they dont really know. I mean Chris knows Caleb.. but no one else.. and Lydia knows Taite bu no one else.. it prob is over welming and they dont fully understand why they are being left.. where as Anna does. It will get better tho! Really. Lydia calmed down WAY faster this time than last time, a whole 5 seconds fast HAHA. :) She does great and really likes Lindsey and Payton. And of course her Taite (btw I caught them holding hands in the corner giving each other sweetie eyes, totally forreal!)

Anna does great with her verses! love her lil accent in both the videos.

3 for Me! said...

I think it helps Lydia to have you and Taite (her little beau) in her class :)

Chris did well once I left him. It's soo hard to leave them screaming their heads off though... Chris was hysterical!! But I think he really like hi teachers, so maybe next weekw ith be a little easier for him (and me) :)

Yep, my kids are going to have accents.... I'm just going to have to accept it:)

Bea said...

AAAWWWW! that is so cute! she is so gorgeous!.
I drove by a school and they had a sign about AWANA, they are having it this coming Sunday...anyway, it reminded me of you all...I'm glad the kids are liking it so far!