Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Going to Blame it on "Mommy Brain"

The kids and I had a fun outing today (gotta get that socializing in...LOL).

We participated in our local library's reading time. I think this is a GREAT resource for our family. I love the different stories, extras that they teach with and finger rhymes. And even having the opportunity to sit with my kids and participate with them. Showing them how to pay attention and encouraging them to sing/play along:)

Chris had a pretty challenging morning (I think he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed!!). But about halfway through he started doing the actions along with the group... so I was pleased!! Lydia just SAT in my lap... she can be soo shy sometimes:) She came out of her shell some after and then she was wide open at the park:)

Yes, the park!! We did venture over to the park with a few brave souls:) It's almost fall but today was HOT:) So we ate our lunches in the shade and played until the water ran out and the kids were all sweaty:)

Walking to the van I couldn't find my keys... I searched the cooler bag a few times. That's about when Jenn saw the keys in the driver's seat in my locked van!!! Yes.... I sure did LOCK the keys in my van:)

I made a few calls (good thing I didn't lock my cell in the van) and soon we saw the patrol car pull up:) It took him a little longer than I thought but he got the door unlocked and we were on our way.

I think of it as a learning experience....LOL... It's great for the kids to see policemen helping people versus just pulling them over on the side of the road for speeding or an accident. It will get them all ready to visit the police station with the homeschoolers next week:)

I guess it could be a learning experience for me as well... although I've never locked my keys in the car before (from what I can remember). But I'm just going to blame it on "mommy brain" and the 3 sweet distractions I have:)

Sorry for the lack of pictures... finally got my camera working again (battery issues) but it was also locked in the car today;)

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