Friday, September 25, 2009

79 cents ...

I was sooo tickled about my quick Harris Teeter trip I had to share:) The reason for the trip was cereal and to use a $3 Catalina coupon I had received a week or so ago that was to expire... I couldn't just let $3 slip away.

So here's what I got for 79 cents!!!

I'll give the details just to inspire those who who may still have those Catalina's to use:) The deals were also decent:)
Total - regularly 4.65, on sale for 2.50 - .75Q (doubled) = $1
Raisin Bran Crunch - reg. 3.99, BOGO each was $2 - $2 off 2 boxs Q = $2 for both, $1 each
Poptarts - reg. 2.19, on sale for $2 - .55Q(doubled) = .90
Reese Cups - reg .95, BOGO - one BOGO Q - .55Q (doubled) = 3 for FREE
**Then I had my $3 off any purchase Catalina coupon:)

The regularly priced total would have been $17.66... but I walked out with my bag paying only 79 cents.... less than 1 regularly priced Reeses cup:) And I got some much needed cereal for my crew... and GOOD, yummy, kid-loving, named brand, almost healthy cereal:)

I should confess that I haven't been keeping up with the sales or my coupon binder like I should be. I did save over $45 at the last harris Teeter triple event... which was nice (especially since I cam home stocked with pasta...LOL)! But I'm thinking that I really need to start making more time to check the sales and match coupons.... it just saves us money!

Let me mention these deals really quick.... Food Lion has a great deal on Tyson Chicken nuggets!! They are on sale for 4.99 but then there is a FLIP for $2 off and then a $1 manufacturers coupon, comes to 1.99 a bag:) These are a STAPLE at our house with our food allergies, picky eating kids:)

Another deal is from Toys R US... they are having a Birthday Sale (ending Sat, Sept 26th!!!) and have many items buy2 get one free:) Southern Savers has printable coupon links for many of the toys also... you can purchase both toys with coupons and get the 3rd free.... sounds like a great time to get some Christmas/Birhtday shopping done:) Get details here.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome deals! I'm in awe of the way some of you save money on your groceries. My little sister has a large family and follows "money saving mom". She's always telling me about all of the groceries she got for free, etc. I think it's great! Have a great weekend...

designHER Momma said...

wow!! you are crazy deal-girl. I'm really in awe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I have linked this entry to my blog today, hope you don't mind. Take a look if you like.