Monday, September 21, 2009

MR Mom

This week I have been pulled in to serve our county's judical branch as a juror. I don't know much except where and when to show up. And that my whole week has had to remain free to complete my obligation and service... although I realize (and hoping) that I might only be there one day.

IN Everything.... Give Thanks, right?

I am very thankful that Brian has stepped up to the plate to care for our little tykes while I'll be gone and his job that gives him the felxibility to work from home. I'm thankful I cooked extra last week to put meals away in the freezer for some meals this week. And for a church friend watching the kids later this morning while Brian participates in a funeral for family of a church member.

I can't talk about jury duty without going into the role of a Stay-at-home, homeschooling MOM. I feel like people can come in and keep my kids.... while I really appreciate them, it's not the same. I don't even want to think of how behind we will be at the end of the week with our schooling! Or how messy my house will be! Or how much of our daily routine will have to be retrained! The reality is ..... that taking a Stay-At-Home, homeschooling mom away from the home is not as easy as mom walking out the door (at least not in our house)!!

Sure, Brian will be taking care of the kids and doing what he can. But he doesn't have the week off of work... he still has all the responsibilities that keep him busy during the week. The funeral on MOnday, a sweet church member in the hospital recovering from major surgery, Bible Studies, visits, etc!!

He will be carrying a lot more of the daily burden this week than I will be. And I"m sure he'll be "burning the midnight oil" trying to get his lists of tasks completed regardless of how many games of Candyland he plays, little bottoms he cleans or dishes he washes during the day!!! I know he can handle it and I know we will all have to work together to give him some "work time" in the evening when I return home.

Kudos to our Mr MOM this week!!


Drea said...

Oh it will be fine. Home schoolers are ahead naturally any how with their schedules from what I hear... you wont be behind in my opinion....

Maybe it will only be one day of jury :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Sorry to hear that...but glad you have a great hubby to help out. Billy is an awesome help around our house's so great to have a husband like that. I know how you feel...the 2 days that I have to go to work I feel like there is so much catching up to do with my kids when I get back. Other people take care of them, but it's not necessarily the same as being home with mom. :)