Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Back Fun Saturdays!!!!

Last weekend we met up with Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea!! While we were with them we were able to visit a children's museum.... so much fun!!!

I think it's soo funny that some of these children's museums have "real life" areas that focus on "everyday things" like places in their town or in the kitchen!My kids LOVE areas like these and would have played the entire 3 hours in one area:)

We eventually got them out of the "real life" exhibit by telling them they could play in water!!!

There were other FUN exhibits.... like the HUGE pirate ship!! Here is Anna spying down on us.
And Lydia peeking over the side at us.
Christopher and Brian working at the Real ToolBox.... I thought it was a really fun idea... father/son time:) But does anyone else think it's a little scary for Christopher to have a "real" saw??

Today (another Saturday), we had Grammie and Pey come down to visit. They brought along a table we bought from Craig's list to go into our homeschool room..... oh, I am soo excited to have this room "complete"... or almost complete(still would love valances in the windows).

While they were here we trimmed some bushes in the front yard, steam cleaned the new chairs (TWICE... ewww!), then we headed OUT!!

We biked a friend's farm!! Oh, it was soo peaceful out there minus the biting ants and bugs;) But if felt great to get some exercise with the whole family. The kids were exhausted by then and the younger two actually feel asleep in the bike trailer. After biking at least 2.5 miles (felt like 10!!...LOL), we visited a local historic site and did some historical exploring.

At home we enjoyed some Italian ice, worked on the chairs again, watched some college football, bathed the little ones and had dinner together.
Ok... I'm totally wiped out! No energy left! Off to bed early tonight thankful for the fun times with our families these last two Saturdays:)


Jenny said...

That was a long day! WOW! It sounds like you all had a great time. The museum looks like fun, but the saw is scary!

Jenny said...

You will have to post a picture of your school room!

Drea said...

That place is great isnt it :)
I cant wait to go after seeing the photos of the boys there.
Look forward to seeing the new room.

Beatriz said...

We had a wonderful time!, thanks for visiting! it is always fun to do something out of the ordinary