Friday, September 18, 2009

Hooked on Caterpillars

This week we had our new Science project in the mail:)

Grammie purchased a butterfly set for Anna for her Birthday in May.... finally, we will be home and focused enough to enjoy watching the transformation. So we were sooo excited that the caterpillars were in the mail today.

When we broke into the shipping box we found a little "cup". Everything that the caterpillars will need for the next 1-2 weeks is in the cup. In fact we are told NOT to open the cup and expose the caterpillar to bacteria, germ, from our environment!! The kids and I poured over the directions.... and we waited for the little caterpillars to move:)

It's a little sad that they stay in the cup, just because I thought it would be fun to measure the caterpillar every couple of days!

Here is a peek into the cup. The caterpillars did start moving around as fresh air got into the container. They have been making a "web"... kind of makes it hard to see in, but that is the type of caterpillars they are... Painted Ladys.

So we've been watching them all week. They seemed a little bigger to me, and my thoughts were confirmed when they started attaching themselves to the roof of the cup... one even looks like his chrysalis has "hardened".

So this week we have been Hooked on watching our caterpillars:) Even through their gross little container... wish it was a little more cleaner...yuck! BUT... I do LOVE the fact that my kids ENJOY the simple things in life.... they have really enjoyed watching and checking on their caterpillars and were soo excited to see them start forming their chrysalis!! And I can't imagine their excitement when we see one of the butterflies emerge:)

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Terry said...

I didn't know you could get caterpillars in the mail. What a great country. I hope you get some pictures of the butterflies.

Meg said...

That looks too much fun!

Bunch of Barrons said...

That is so cool! :)