Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WFMW: Wipe Boards and Saving paper

My kiddos love drawing and writing... seriously, some of their favorite gifts have been a plain spiral notebook or the 500 count package of printer paper;) But they go through it like crazy.... like CRAZY!

We participated in a Home Party with Expo this summer and each of the kids got a wipeboard and some Expo markers;) They were in little kid "heaven" :) And I really looked forward to incorporating the wipeboards more into our schooling;)

Like for grammar copywork;)
this is Lydia's work... go Lydia!!

But I always worry that I can't "save" their work....

like lately Chris has been writing "stories"... and I really hated him using the wipeboard because I couldn't "save" the ones worth saving! I have taken pictures of the good stories or asked him to "re-copy" them onto a piece of lined paper to save in his "work binder"... like of like a porfolio.


Well last week he wrote another and wanted to "save it". And so I decided to attempt to photocopy it??
Obviously, I needed to shift the board on the copier a little to include all the letters!

I like this solution... they can be as creative as they want without going through reams of paper AND I get to "save" the good stuff;)


We have enjoyed Chris' shopping lessons! The girls always want to "shop" too... so I usually have to make extra copies of the receipt page. Last week, instead of making copies, slipped the 2 receipt pages into two sheet protectors and gave the kids Expos to write with:)


So nice:) the kids played "store" to their little hearts' delight and I wasn't worried about using up too much paper or it being wasted if they only used ONE out of the 4 blocks!!

Anyway, I was soo pleased with my little "tricks".... thinking of how I can use them with other subjects, too;) And hope someone else finds them helpful as well;)


Messy Mom said...

That seemed to work well. We have a printer that can supposedly copy. I will have to keep this in mind. Cute pictures!

Kelli said...

We also have been using wipe offs more this year. A lot easier, and definitely saving money!

Thia said...

The pictures are great too, to retain the copy!