Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lots of House Hunting, Some Basics and Shakespeare

Our week started in the dark with no power :/ But our town was one of the VERY fortunate ones that had it's power restored by Monday night...

of course we weren't sure when the power returned! Once Brian figured out that the college was closed for the day, we jumped in the house hunting machine and went on our way. We walked through some model homes and log cabins... ummm??

IMG_7894And then we made our way to the "big city" to drive down a few more streets to see the homes for sale that we had googled! We did that 2 days in a row;/  House hunting is a full time job.... between searching for property, homes, modular/log homes,etc.... phew!

Tuesday morning, and then the rest of the week... we schooled:)

We are continuing to read through Psalms... one chapter at a time, finding clues that tell us more about God. The kids aren't picking up all the "clues" but I have to say that we're all learning... and it's great the conversations that come up !

On Friday, I got the idea to start reading through The Book of Virtues by WIlliam Bennet.... I feel like I drop the ball on intentionally teaching the kids about having good character, morals and faith! Teachable moments come up all the time, and I attempt to seize the moment... but taking moments to read a poem or short story that teaches us about good virtues would be a great way to start:) BTW... the kids loved the story:)

Language Arts
Anna is loving First Language Lessons #3... I mean LOVE it... she asks to do lessons!! So I think she's done 4 lessons this week! She's been working hard on Spelling Power... neither of us are sure we like it, and I"m not sure we're even doing it right :/  She's been reading children's versions of Shakespeare plays and a Romona book by Beverly Clearly!

Lydia and Chris did two grammar lessons. Chris missed out on spelling b/c of my lack of planning... although he learned a new set of words during his reading lessons and I noticed he was trying to read and spelling them afterwards!  Lydia is still working on her color words... she'll finish this week! Both completed a few reading lessons... Lydia more than Chris... she's a motivated little kiddo!

Everyone worked hard on math...
Anna's lessons are starting off WAY too easy! She's zooming through each lesson, nice for the confidence level though:)

Chris and Lydia completed a couple lessons a piece! And both got to make pictographs this week;)
And Lydia worked on Left and Right:)
It's always fun to have some hands-on lesson;)

We continued with the Elizabethian period by studying some about Shakespeare! The kids really enjoyed reading simplified versions of MacBeth and Twelfth Knight. We also read about staged sward fights... Chris was really into that:)

The Chemistry experiments in Adventures with Atoms and Molecules are super simple!!

I'm hoping to add some more reading into our science days, but the kids really have enjoyed the experiments!

This week we put a little bit of vanilla and mint extract in some balloons and blew them up. The kids could smell the extracts in the balloons...
meaning that the molecules of the extract had "come through" the balloon! Simple but important concept!!

Momma's Thoughts on the Week

We are still not "into" our schedule!! I have found it's VERY hard to school in the schoolroom while Nate is awake... he wants to be right with us... into everything :) So I'm going to have to rethink the schedule, start school later or pick the activities that can be done with him outside of the schoolroom:)

I know that I'm soo distracted by housing hunting and moving. We're in the early stages with no where to go yet... but I'm really having to discipline my mind NOT to be consumed with the hunt and all the decisions to be made. Brian and I are also staying up at night WAY too late... in the quiet we look over floor plans, available lots or the next night homes for sale and their location!

Picture of the Week Nate meeting our neighbors' new cat.... IMG_8536
Nate loves animals. He'll get really close and then stop and be afraid of petting them;)


Jenny said...

Those houses are so cute in that pic. I hope you find something soon. I love looking at house plans. We came so close to building, but it would have been about 45 minutes away from my family and that was too far from me.

The pics of the kids are cute and that kitty looks great!

Elizabeth said...

I love reading about your homeschool days! You always have such great ideas and your children really seem to be enjoying what they are learning. Thanks for being my inspiration of the day!

Sarah said...

Good luck with the house hunting. Exciting, but I am sure stressful.

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Hunting a house is so stressful I experience it before, until I found our home.