Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny Talk with Lydia

Lydia came in holding her baby close. Sweetie Pie had been MIA for over a month now, I found her over that weekend on Chris' top bunk... AKA the hidden toy chest:)

Me: Are you taking good care of Sweetie Pie.

Lydia (4 yrs) : It's Sarah, not Fweetie Pie! [shaking head her] No one knows her right name. You and Daddy keep calling her Fweetie Pie!

LOL.... it's getting harder to keep up with everyone's dolls and their names;)


We had a sweet church member pass away last week! It's been a hard summer :/

After the family meal Sunday afternoon, Lydia was talking to me...

Lydia: Everyone is sad about Mr Jule, but I'm not sad he died?

Me: really, why? (her words kind of surprised me by I tried to not be too surprised so I could understand what she was trying to tell me!)

Lydia: Mr Jule was sick and now he's in heaven. And heaven is a better place to be. His family is sad because they miss him, but they should be happy that he's in heaven.

Oh.... the sweet, simple, trusting faith of children!!


and the kids' favorite phrase this week....

You've got to be kidding me!

Usually said after I give them an assignment they think is really easy (Chris practicing his math facts!) or that they don't want to do (like wipe off the kitchen table) !


Drea said...

wish we all had the faith of a child in every day circumstances, huh? :) can so hear lydia saying sweetie pie ;-)

Sarah said...

Oh my. What a sweet Lydia. We should get together now that it is cooling off.