Friday, September 16, 2011

A Non-Traditional Week :)

I had the lessons all laid out ... umm, in the planner;) When my dad asked that we come to visit with him the beginning of this week last weekend, I gave him "the speech"...

"We homeschool... which includes LOTS of schooling, books, lessons...." and so on...

Regardless.... I told him I'd get back to him :) Taking off of school sooo early in our year... a year we will be moving! And then having all 4 kids and my dad by myself at my parents' house didn't sound a "do-able" plan:(

But then I got to thinking....  we were all healthy, the weather looked gorgeous, Dad was having really good days!!, we thought we'd go to the aquarium..... it sounded like a good opportunity to spend time with Pey!  
So WHY not???

Thankfully it worked out very well;) The kids did awesome! Dad had some more good days and we all enjoyed visiting with him in a very relaxing environment! I love that the kids have some more memories of spending time with him:)

Here are some aquarium pics;)

sept 2011

So Monday was the aquarium:) I'm totally calling it a science field trip:) Especially since we waited around with a staff member, bombarding her with questions as we waited for the alligators to be fed! Where they live, what they eat, when they mate.... LOL! Very educational and I was super thankful for the glass, especially during feeding time ;)

The male going after each bite!

The female eating very gently;)

their vitamin:)
then Uncle Eric came over and we decided to play a game with the kids. Brian had attempted to teach them poker a while back (while I was at Bible study... LOL!). But we found some poker chips... and really got to play... totally educational;)


Tuesday was the park, swimming in the pool, packing and returning home:(

This warm in the sun... in September!


Wednesday we spent a few minutes in the morning doing some schooling and kiddo maintenance before heading off to meet friends roller skating!! I've blogged about going to the Homeschool Skate before;) I just LOVE the women from my homeschooling group and was soo excited to see 2 (and met a new gal!) there... there are not words to describe what these ladies are to me... just wished they were closer and I could see them more often... even better that our kids all really like playing with each other;)  I called that day... gym and socialization and some home care as we went grocery shopping after, of course:)

Thursday and Friday we got to WORK!! These kids have worked soo hard these last 2 days of the week. I know it's because we got the mini-break!
  • Anna and Lydia somehow completed 3 math lessons a piece this week, Chris did 2 plus some worksheets from last week!
  • Anna did 3 Grammar lessons and Spelling 3 days
  • Chris completed another set of spelling words
  • Chris and Lydia finished memorizing their first poem and did 1 Grammar lesson
  • We started memorizing 1 Corinthians 13... just the 1st verse this week and read 3 chapters in Psalms
  • Everyone did a little reading... yikes! We also are stilling working through Walk the World's Rim... we like it;)
  • One whole chapter from SOTW talking about early exploration of Canada.... narrations, maps, reading, coloring, stories from Indians native to those areas:)
  • One very simple science experiment
  • Started our rock candy... both part of history since it's similar looking to quartz and Science since it's molecules moving and forming something new;)

So it's been another full and super fun week! I was very thankful we made the trip to see Pey... the kids have already thanked me for letting us go.... thankfully one of the benefits of homeschooling is having a flexible schedule:) And getting to see my dad, especially on some good days was priceless!

And another great thing from this week... the kids chose some of the meals, nice to have someone else planning and kids excited at the table. And great real-world practice picking different foods from each of the food groups;)
Lydia and Chris helping with pigs-in-a-blanket... perfect for our chilly Friday:)
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Jenny said...

That's the best part of homeschooling, being able to change the plans!

What a fun week.

Eddie said...

That looks like a great week! I'm intrigued by the rock candy, too.

whateverphilipians48 said...

Do you have instructions for the rock candy?

Stacey said...

Sounds like a busy week! Indians are called Natives or First Nations in Canada :)

Jenilee said...

sounds like a fun week! we have had lots of plan changing around here too. makes life fun though!

Sharla said...

Those precious days with your dad are the best, and most educational part of the week. Sometimes the best learning happens when the schooling gets set aside.

familymgrkendra said...

Memories were made this week for your kids and family and that is the best schooling! What a blessed week you all had!