Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TTT: Manners for Distracted Little Boys

Last week I got it in my mind to begin to read through story or poem at a time from The Book of Virtues!! We've read from it before but usually when I'm looking for an example of something else we are talking about. This time we read a little story about a boy whose "Please" runs away because it never gets used.

After reading the story, Chris looks up and says, "Please?!" (like he was testing it out)

Then he says, "We need to read from that more, like every day, so I can learn good manners!" LOL!!

Chris was helping me with some kitchen chores and I had him bring the trash out. He ran out  with the first bag and then didn't come back for a while.

He's an Outside Boy... so I figured he got distracted and that when I finished washing the dishes in front of me I'd call him back in to finish the job I asked of him.

He came back in before I called him. He said excitedly," Oh, Mom, I saw a little squirrel out there. He was eating something and I just stopped and quietly watched him. But Mom, I got distracted and forgot to come back in here to get the rest of the trash. Sorry, I got distracted!!"

Sweet words....

In this crazy hard job of trying to parent correctly... encouraging their little hearts, correcting gently, disciplining when needed, teaching them about the Lord and trying to teach them some manners :/...

so often I fail!!

I'm soo thankful for my kids who gladly accept my pleas of forgiveness when I mess up!

And I'm very thankful for little boys who get distracted by watching squirrels eat!


Davene Grace said...

Very, very sweet! How encouraging to see glimpses of God at work in our children's lives! :)

Jenny said...

That is so cute that he was watching the squirrel eat. I'll have to check out that book, we could use some manners over here as well.