Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday @ The Movies and Ears

Brian took the kids to see Lion King at the movie theater on Saturday! We left the house later than we wanted along the way we worried a bit hat the movie would be too full when they got there:(

But we totally made it there on-time... they even saw all the previews:)

During the previews, Anna (7 yrs) says," Why don't they just start the movie?"

Then 40 or so minutes into the movie, while in Daddy's lap, Lydia (4 yrs) says, "Phew, I'm glad we got here in time!"

We've been hearing more and more "words" from Nate:)
  • "Peas".... and he rubs his tummy (almost the ASL sign for "please"!)
  • "Danh Chu"... said when someone helps him or gives him something... it's obviously "thank you"
  • "dop" ... said when someone is messing with him... we think it's "stop"
  • "yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh".... this is the Lyrics from the Yes to VBS  song... he loves to listen to it and dance;)

Here is this funny (and blurry) photo again...

The questions was What is he asking for??
and it's super hard NOT being with Nate or in that "conversation"... so I'll just tell you:)

He's becoming aware of body parts... especially the face/head! And so lately he thinking it's funny to stick his fingers in our ears!! SO he tries constantly to get that little finger close enough to our ear;)

And if you ask him about "ears" he'll find his own or try to stick his finger in ours;)

LOL!! It sounds gross:) But it's really funny to us, I don't remember the others making a game of it like he has:)


Anonymous said...

He he. Too cute. By the way I LOVE your new header.

Crystal Roberts said...

Oh these are so cute! Love the beginning words!

Jenny said...

That is so funny. At least he's not sticking his finger up your nose!