Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Momma, What are You Doing???

Last week I began working out.... again!!

I have just felt so weak and worn out recently! And the "post breastfeeding" pounds have started to creep back... who, am I kidding?? Those extra pounds are taking over my body... weighing me down and making me  more self-conscience!!

I want to be a healthy, active Momma.... so I'm determined to sweat and work those pounds off...

by getting "my tail kicked" by Jillian Micheals while the kiddos nap/read in the afternoon! I've heard good things about Jillians Micheals 1st DVD and as I was about to purchase it, Ripped in 30 was getting attention!

Yikes, I should have gone back to my walking workout;) But I made it through and after a break this weekend to let my body heal... I've been back to working out this week;)

The funniest thing has been the kids' reactions to my working out....

Anna (7 yrs): Momma, what are you doing? [when she 1st found me working out!]

then minutes later...

Anna: You're not doing it like they are???

then minutes after that...

Anna: Are those muscles on those girls? You don't have anything like that?

WHat an encourager.... ha haha haa!!

And Chris snuck out of bed to draw a picture of me working out...

I love my eyebrows:)



Drea said...

OH MY WORD!!! THAT PHOTO IS HILARIOUS! I want Chris to draw me in there too :)

Ripped in 30 is hard.
I like it better than Jillians other one tho :) - its not as cheesy. She does still cuss some in it, but not as much too, which is nice if you have little ones who like to watch.

Caleb came in one time and was like "Those are girly exercises... they are easy." Ticked me off! lol so I said "Ok then, you get in here and do it"

I was on WEEK 3 on this particular day. He faught me saying he didnt have too, oh boy, got me going, lol and so I made him do the 2 min of cardio (or 3?) and he finally after tears even admitted to me that it was hard, he was able to keep up some, but it got him too, so for an active kid to not be able to do the cardio for 3 min, shows it is hard imo :) - cause hes an active boy.

He said that my weights were to little, hes use to seeing Travis 40 lb weights he curls in the basement. I told him mommy muscles arent as big :) - so theres no reason for all that. hahahah

I do make my kids leave most times I work out tho, they are a distraction, and also Taite is so interested in why mom has boobs, so I dont want him watching girls in the sports bras jump around :)

but that photo of chris is so funny. Hes creative!

Sarah said...

Ha ha! I am about to start that one. I have done the shred one for 30 days and some before I got preggo with Carsyn.

Latasha said...

LOL! I came over from Tiny Talk Tuesday. I have a girlfriend who told me years ago to start losing weight before me kids can talk and she was right!!! One day while doing exercises my then 3 year old to that the hot dogs on my back were moving up and down. He then went to get his little brother to come and watch! If you get a chance please hop on over. http://storybookscience.com/2011/09/lewis-isms-for-tiny-talk-tuesday/

RicKaren said...

Sooo funny! Love the little comments!

Jenny said...

LOL! That picture is hilarious!

I've got to get back to exercising too. Oh and the commentary from the kids is so funny!

The other day, Abby and I were playing Simon Says and we were doing jumping jacks. I didn't have my bra on yet, so I crossed my arms to hold them down. Abby ran off and came back with my sports bra! LOL!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

that is the most awesome photo EVER!

I have the Shred and love it...haven't tried any others :)

hang in there and be gentle with yourself! it takes time.

Kelli said...

Hahahaha, keep it up though! Good for you!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Too funny! My kids like to copy me when I work out at home. Haha.