Saturday, September 3, 2011

His First Day

I've left everyone hanging about "Brian's schedule" changing....

I"m sorry about that! It's actually a really big change and I really have VERY mixed emotions about it!!

About two or three weeks ago now, Brian announced to our church family that he had accepted a position at our local community college. He had volunteered to teach a course (to get some college teaching experience) years ago. Last year they contacted him about teaching some online classes and he excitedly agreed. Then last August they called to see if he'd be willing to help with student registration since they were in the process of finding a new adminissions counselor and needed some extra hands! We thought it was going to be ONE 20 hour week!!

But he's been at the school ever since... part-time though, learning what he could and helping where needed. We waited for the day when they said "you don't have to come in anymore, we found someone." But that never happened.

Instead he is been there a year and interviewed for the counselor/director position he had been somewhat learning to do already. They liked him and offered him a full-time job!

Many have asked why he can't work at the school full-time and at the church preaching at night and on Sundays.... all I can say is WOW!! For the last year he's been teaching online classes (as many as 4 in one semester), working part time in the mornings at the college,  preparing 3 sermons and trying to visit with sick/hospitalized church members.... it has been WAY too much for all of us! Especially since Brian pours all his energy into each sermon, class and project he takes on!! And because he has 4 little ones wanting to jump on the trampoline with him:)

This is a HUGE change for us though... tons of new things
  • Brian leaving the house and being at work (miles, not steps away) from 7:45 to 5ish everyday!!
  • Having to move
  • Where to move
  • House hunting
  • Leaving our beloved church family :(
  • Possibly changing our homeschool group:(
  • and the list goes on..... 
Anyway... enough "stress" ... LOL!!!  

This is a fantastic opportunity for Brian! He is getting to teach (which he likes) but also getting to work with students as the Student Services Director /Counselor (which he has really likes) !! I think the position fits his desire to work with college students and his abilities and strengths:)

So instead of getting bogged down with all the new "uncertainties" we were excited about his first day at his new job... September 1st!!

Brian leaving in the morning
The kids and I bringing him lunch on his 1st day :) 

 The kids visiting him in the office:)Don't they look like angels;)

Anyway, so there it is... our BIG change news!! And I'll definitely be sharing more and keeping everyone updated about all the exciting (and still sad) changes we'll be making!

Until then the search for a house continues:/

SOOC Saturday


Jenny said...

That is HUGE news! I am so excited for you all. I know it will be hard, change is always hard.

Is the college pretty close? You wouldn't have to move too far, right?

Good luck with everything and I'll keep you all in my prayers that it goes smoothly!

Rachel said...

Wow! Didn't expect that. Congrats! But I can definitely see why this is a big change, esp. since it involves a move. Will be praying for you guys, esp. in the house hunt.

Marvelous Mommy said...

Oh wow that's great! I love all the pictures documenting everything!

My hubby is making a career move very soon and we are also contemplating moving so I know the feeling!!

I hope everything falls into place easily for you all!

Stacey said...

Wow, that is a BIG change! I didn't realize that Brian was working at the school. I'll be praying that you find a new home soon ;)

Kelli said...

Yay for all the excitement!! I hope you find some peace amidst all the uncertainties! Congratulations to your hubby on his new job!

Sarah said...

That is so great. Happy for you all. :) Good luck with all the changes.

Wiebke said...

Wow, what a change, hey. Congrats on the job for Brian.

Can I say that I'm super excited for your move? It sure is soooo much work to find a house, pack the old one into boxes, move and unpack again. BUT: It means new beginnings, new rooms, new walls. A new home is like an empty canvas. And you'll get to paint whatever you want. Look at the bright side! I'll pray for you and the fam.