Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TTT & Give him words

We've been working through an Easter devotional that starts with the Fall (Adam and Eve in the garden). Each day I try to review the stories with the kids before starting the next devotion. This was a conversation we had reviewing The Fall:

Me: Why did they hid themselves?
Lydia (4 yrs) : Cause them was naked.
Anna (6 yrs): And then God gave them new underwear!

Monday is trash day and there always seems to be trash scattered around town that didn't quite make it into the garbage truck. Chris saw some trash in the yard and offered to go pick it up.

When he was through he asked,

Chris (5 yrs): Can you put this job on my chore chart? It can say "cleaning up the planet"!

The Transformer outfit made it even more adorable;)

Anna found a BOY CRAZY sticker in a sticker set she had. Brian said that she smiled really big like she knew the meaning and he thought to himself "oh no, not this already"!"

But then Anna told him that the sticker was funny talking about her crazy brothers!!

oh, sweet innocence!

Finally, got this pic of Nate!! We all think it's soo funny. What do you think he is "saying" with his expression???

Give him some words in a comment:)


grandma said...

"WHAT is it you want me to do next?"

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

love the transformer cleaning up the planet as his chore... and your boy crazy daughter... such great TT. That expression in the last picture is so cute! I am horrible at captions though.

Katie said...

I love the cleaning up the earth chore!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Absolutely adorable! :) "Cleaning up the planet". Today I noticed Merrick had broken one of the headlights on our old lawnmover, and when i asked him why he did it he responded "I didn't broked it, I pieced it apart." Haha. I love the way kids say things.

Anonymous said...

My words for Nate:

"They think Chris is doing crazy stuff, but wait when I will be bigger I will show them" ;-)

But it also could be:

They think I am small and do not understand...but they are wrong

Mary@notbefore7 said...

"Oh brother. What now?"

So cute!!!