Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel like the last few days I have been in a "processing" mindset.

We've just been through our church's revival week. It's busy with getting the kids ready for activities each evening, meals a little earlier than usual (trying to get lunch earlier, too) and then our actual revival services. But I do love revival weeks..

I love setting aside time each evening to sit under biblical teaching and worship. Daily life is filled with dirty dishes, dirty kids, school assignments, etc! SO it's nice to break from the normal routine and spend time learning and growing spiritually.

I also enjoy the time with the revival pastor and our church members. The revival pastors are all different and it's nice getting to know them more. Be encouraged and challenged by them as well as attempt to encourage them, too!!

And my church members.... oh, we are soo blessed to be a part of a church that loves the Lord, each other, neighbors and US as much as they do. Each evening they took turns fixing meals for us... even taking time to figure out how to safely feed our family!! And they serve us! And love and encourage us!! Who won't want to spend evenings with them...

And now revival is over...

Time to process. To apply. To change.

I was already in a "processing" mode before revival.... just wanting to be a better MOM... not react so poorly to everything. To demonstrate GRACE to my children. To better lead them to the Lord through my actions and attitudes and words.

So now I have more to process!

It is GOOD to keep growing as a wife, mom and Christ follower. I'm thankful for these periods of challenges, praying that they lead to growth!

**Pictures are unrelated! They are from our last visit with Grandma and Grandaddy and I am soo sad that I"m just getting around to share them!


Bea said...

I love these pictures of Nate, the b/w one is my favorite :)

Anonymous said...

Cute photos of Nate.

Nancy said...

Love the picture of your son on his fire engine with the big smile! Soooo cute! That's a priceless photo!
Very cute pictures!
Adorable blog!
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