Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TTT - Fool's Day almost Prank, Vacuum Sword & Shower drinker

Anna was thinking of April Fools Day jokes she could do. Her favorite idea was to eat lunch before Daddy came home from working at the college. She wanted to make him a plate... awww!! But put it in the fridge, so when he came in he'd think that we ate lunch and didn't save him any!!

She would then surprise him after he dropped his stuff off in the bedroom and office. She was going to have his plate ready for him at the table;) Oh, and I think she wanted to yell surprise!!

Ok... first, it's soo sweet!! She is very thoughtful!

Second, I loved how she knew Brian's routine enough to plan how to hide it from him and then surprise him:)

Chris announced to me that he wanted to purchase a vacuum cleaner!! That was a strange request from my 5 yr old non-cleaning boy:) So I had to ask him WHY??

Chris responded, "I need a new sword. And the vacuum comes with the sword on the side with a holder, too!!"

LOL... he likes the accessories:) He made be in luck b/c our vacuum is dead... so he may get to keep the one that he's been eyeing (and using) the last few years!

I don't remember my other kiddos liking the sprayer in the shower... in fact, they would scream when we'd use it while visiting family. Anyway, Nate is a hoot...


Bea said...

Chris always makes me laugh :)
Anna is soooo sweet :)
I love the video of Nate, such a beautiful baby :)

Jenny said...

So cute! LOL about the "sword" on the vacuum! You'll have to tell me what kind you get, because I've been wanting a new vacuum. I just can't decide which to buy!

Drea said...

so cute. :)
Owen btw watched the video with me and just grinnnneeed it was cute.

Patricia said...

My little girl loves to drink as well:)

The Cow Queen said...

Mine love the "sword" too!

RicKaren said...

All so cute, and I love the shower video!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Nate is too adorable. Hilarious about the vacuum. Anna is so sweet.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH my - he is so cute "drinking" that water from the sprayer! I can't believe how big he is!!!!