Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our 1-Day Spring Break:)

We aren't officially breaking for Spring! With Daddy still working we thought we'd just keep at it too;) SO exciting to see the end of another year of school approaching;)

But on the Monday after Easter we did sneak away for a mini Spring Break. We went to visit Grammie and Pey. With Pey's doctor's appointments and sleepiness/tiredness we snuck off to a local aquarium for a few hours... dragging (lol... he actually asked to go with us!!) Uncle Eric with us!

As you can see, I STINK at taking Aquarium pics ;(

But I had to capture all the fun the kids had at the touch tanks:)

At first only Chris and Lydia (my adventurous ones) attempted to touch the rays....
love Anna helping them to be still, but not trying to touch them herself
But then she got brave:)

Even Nate wanted to touch... or splash:)
At the second touch tank, the kids were eager to begin touching more animals;)
The volunteer was a great source of information and was soo patient with the kids.
He even listened and answered some of their questions;)
They thought it was super funny when the volunteer showed them
how ticklish the horseshoe crab is.
And then they were back to touching, again.
We went to the aqaurium during our regular naptime (the aqaurium is always soo nice at that time!), the kids did awesome;) Even Nate loved it... he had plenty of run around time.
One of the best parts of the day were spent with Pey! Being a couple of hours from them and only getting information during phone conversations and not being able to visit more often has been harder than I thought. So it was nice just to sit and talk to him.
I've asked you to pray... thank you!!

and I'll ask you to continue. Pey received his port in today (thurs) and is hoping to be healed up and ready to receive his 1st chemo treatment on Monday. Our prayers are for his stamina, his body to heal from the port and that he would respond well to the chemo!!

A great day.... even if it was only one.


Jenny said...

That does look like a great day. I remember touching a stingray at Sea World over 2 decades ago!

I will continue to pray for Pey. I love that pic of him and Anna, so sweet.

Meg said...

We will be praying for Pey!
So glad you had a wonderful visit to an aquarium- it's always fun to see kids in aquariums and zoos as they get so excited about God's creation!

Hen Jen said...

lovely photos, and what a fun vacation day! It's so nice to 'meet' another homeschooler. I'm visiting from the blog hop, thank you for your comment at my place :)

KaeliH said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! We too, took a one day Spring Break. So glad that Pey is doing well. ~Julie

Shannon said...

Great pics of your sweet ones. I love the one of Pey and Anna! We will be praying!!