Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuck Between Girls!

Chris is stuck in the middle of two typical little girls... both love helping, dressing up and playing "baby & mommy". He's even starting to call the girls ** "boring". LOL!!!

I guess "baby & mommy" isn't really adventurous enough for my all-boy boy???

But I've got to hand it to my girlie (and very tough) girls, they can play Chris' games, too!!

While Chris was busy dueling Anna, Lydia was loading his "dart" gun!! And she got him from behind;) LOL!!

I just love all the smiles and energy in these pics! Even the last with Chris being blurry, I love Lydia's proud little smile as she surprised Chris with a "dart"!!

We have just LOVED being outside this week!!! It's hard NOT to migrate outside after a morning hitting the books and stay outside;) Loving this Spring Weather;)


***just to clarify... we do often correct Chris about calling his awesome sisters names:)
So even though he is corrected we still often understand his situation/feelings right now!!


Jenny said...

Cute! Lydia looks so proud of herself!

Brooke said...

Gotta love dart guns and swords.... so very NOT boring :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! So cute!!!

grandma said...

I love those happy smiles!