Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They Call it Macaroni

My two oldest have started to LOVE pepperoni!!! This is a very special treat in our milk-free house since we don't regularly eat pizza (we've had it more since discovering vegan cheeses).

But they NEVER get the name right!!

Chris is constantly calling it "Macaroni"!! And it always takes me a minute to figure out what he's asking for; especially when he asks at the store standing in front of the lunchmeat selections:)

So recently as Chris made his pepperoni and butter sandwich he started asking me questions about where "macaroni" came from.

I figured it came from Italy, like most Italian food;)

And that's when he asked "Will the emperor of Italy be mad?"

LOL!! Mad that we took his food;)

By the way... love this pic:) It's Chris and his sandwich (with some extra meat on the side). But his face is classic.... "Mom! DO you really need a picture of my sandwich?"

Chris' most recent prayer as we traveled.

Dear God,
I hope we have a good trip.
And I hope we can go to the zaaazam
(aka museum, but really the aquarium!!).
And I hope the sting rays will splash me.

Then Lydia pipes in
And I pray we have a good trip.
And that Pey is having a good day.

We did have a good day. Pey did well with all the kids and visits and doctor's appts. And we did meet up with some rays;)

**pics of the trip will be tomorrow, after we all REST!**


Drea said...

He looks so much like Brian in that picture! You know if they like macaroni :) they prob. would like Salami.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

yep... they like Salami and pastrami, too!