Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WFMW: Simple Secret Messages

The kids and I broke out some "school work" today... after a couple weeks of hiatus, we all needed a little bit of structure:)

So we started with history!! We were soo behind this year with history that it was going to be obvious that our summer would be filled with ANCIENT TIMES!!

Today we talked about the Nazca Drawings from ancient South America and we did the easiest and fun activity:) Those who are familiar with The Story of the World (by Susan Wise Bauer) might remember this simple project/illustrtion. Thought I'd share:

Draw a picture or write a message with white crayon on white paper.

Then paint over the paper (or just the message) with watercolor.
And it appears:)
The kids had a lot of fun with this simple activity. And Anna made a secret message for Daddy, so he got to join in on the fun too;)

More summer "Mom, I'm Bored" ideas this week at We are That Family:)

And if anyone is interested we DO plan to "school" during the summer... but it's going to be really laid back. Here's what we have planned to work on:)

  • Finish The Story of the World: Ancient Times (it's a goal!!)

  • Anna wants to learn cursive:)

  • Work on Addition & Subtraction Facts (anna)

  • Anna has 3 math Dollar Tree workbooks (grade 1 &2) and a phonics review workbook - maybe do a worksheet or 2 each day

  • Chris- continue to work through the BOB books - set 2

  • Lydia - finish her pre-K workbook and continue playing with letters/numbers

  • Continue to work through our Science plant activity book

  • Daily reading (we're doing the library's reading program... so their books, One Year Bible and they are reading the Chronicles of Naria with Daddy!!)

  • Memorize a passage of Scripture.... I really would LOVE for the family to memorize passage, like start working on Psalm 119. Anyway, we haven't decided what to memorize yet... really want something foundational for the kids. Any ideas????


Jenny said...

How cool that Anna wants to learn cursive. Abby's handwriting needs some serious help! I bought HWOT for next year.

Grace Wheeler said...

SUPER good idea!!! I LOVE THIS!!! thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Our summer plans are VERY similar. :) As far as scripture memory, we've memorized in the past: Eph. 6 (whole chapter); Exodus 20:1-17; and John 1:1-10

These are the scriptures that we memorize through Classical Conversations. I also like "A Catechism for Boys and Girls" I think it's by John Piper, but I can't remember for sure. You can google it, and print it for free.

Christi said...

What a fun idea - just wrote out "secret messages" for my boys to find today!