Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Weeks - A Growth Spurt???

We had such a busy week last week:) With library reading time, taking in two kids afterschool during their last week of school, and then a trip to visit with my family....

needless to say what little routine we had was all mixed up;) So I really truly thought that some of Nate's fussiness was caused by the "extras" we (or I) took on. The other times of fussiness seemed to be due to the fact that I have a "hip baby".... he just loves to be carried/snuggled... and this Momma just isn't able to hold her big 'ole baby 24/7!!!

After some frustrating conversations about Nate's fussiness.... I finally thought that maybe his desire to eat more often, quick cat naps and even fussiness while nursing was something....

a growth spurt!!! One article described the last 3-4 days with Nate to a T...

The first growth spurt occurs between 7 and 10 days old. Babies come home from the hospital weighing up to 10% less than their birth weight. When mom’s milk comes in, for those who are nursing, the baby will begin to gain back the lost weight.

Three weeks is the next typical age for a growth spurt, followed by 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. These ages, once again, are all approximate, and babies may have a growth spurt at other times as well. As long as baby is growing appropriately and is healthy, a growth spurt at any age should not be cause for concern.

Signs of a Growth Spurt
How do you know if your baby is going through a growth spurt? Cluster feeding, where the baby is feeding more often is the first sign. If your infant feeding schedule was a regular 3 hour schedule, and suddenly baby wants to eat more frequently, your baby is most likely going through a growth spurt and needs more food.

Baby may no longer sleep through the night if she was previously. Your baby may have finally started sleeping through the night, only to start waking again several times, seemingly ravenous for food. Newborn baby sleep habits are varied, but any changes in the pattern may indicate a growth spurt.

Waking early from naps is another baby sleep pattern that may change during a growth spurt. If your baby previously napped 1-2 hours or longer at a stretch and is suddenly waking up after only 30-45 minutes and seems hungry, she is most likely going through a growth spurt.

Many moms when seeking nursing advice talk about the baby fussing at the breast. If you are nursing your baby and she pauses or unlatches to fuss or whimper and then latches back on to continue feeding, she may be not getting her milk as fast as she wants it to come. This is often a sign of a baby growth spurt. Be sure to contact a lactation consultant if you continue to have difficulty breastfeeding.

Other changes in baby sleep habits can indicate a growth spurt as well. Baby may nap better or worse than usual. Baby may seem more fussy than usual as well, thanks to the need for more sleep and broken sleep patterns due to growing pains or an empty stomach.

Information copied directly from Suite101: Cluster Feedings a Sign of Baby Growth Spurt: Nursing Advice when Baby is Feeding Frequently

Ahhhhh [sigh of relief]!

Although I still know that my sweet baby will still want to be carried.... at least I have a good idea of what is going on now.

And it's amazing that the exact signs listed are what we have experienced with Nate these last few days. And even better news is that the average spurts lasts just a few days:) LOL... my milk supply will REALLY be strong with all his nursing and all my extra drinking (might be good time to start pumping, so mommy and daddy could sneak out and miss just ONE feeding).

6 week Nate facts:

  • He weighs in at 13 lbs(doing the Mommy weigh and subtracting)

  • He's mostly in 3-6 month clothing, some 0-3 still fit but not for long:) And we changed to size 2 diapers, already... {groan}... he was pee-ing and pooping through the smaller size!

  • He's in the sleep-eat-play schedule more which helps with the fussiness:) I think all my kids have functioned well using this schedule from Baby Wise.

  • Sleeps well through the night... just eating a few times... I don't think he even opens his eyes (b/c sometimes I don't open mine...LOL!!)

  • Not making bowel movements during the night:) Yay!! So his body is getting used to NIGHTS!!!!

  • Loves snuggling with a burpcloth when sleeping... I use birdseye cloth "diapers" as burpcloths and now with the 4th baby using them, they are super soft!

  • Falls asleep easier and more quickly when Momma is NOT holding him.. unless he's in the Sleepy Wrap.

  • Starting to enjoy his bath more (still doing the sponge bath b/c of the belly button) and will even try to catch water into his mouth from the squirt bottles or the wash cloth:)

  • He looks soo intently into our faces/eyes and will smile in response and "coo" some... so sweet!! The kids tell us that he's starting to "talk"!

  • His acne seems like it's getting a little better and drying up... the heat and crying bring it out more. But maybe it will start to leave soon...

  • We didn't need to bring him back to the dr for the belly button this week. To me it looks great.... no more drainage and the color is like regular skin versus wet &red. In two weeks we'll head back to the dr for his 2 Month appt!

I have to admit that the challenges of balancing older kids and an infant have been true for us. But I've been soo thankful that the older ones have been flexible and gracious:) And Anna has been an amazing helper, especially during meal preparation!

We're hanging in there!!! And trying to enjoy these fleeting early months with Nate.... before long he'll be grown like his siblings!


grandma said...

Pictures of Nate are sooo cute. Can't believe how much he has grown and changed.

Drea said...

hes a doll. im hope his spurt passes quickly :)
Funny.. Owens 6 weeks older and still wears a size 1 diaper!
And I think he will til prob 4 months at least :)

Stam House said...

wow he is doing well, good for mama's milk! Growth spurt!!! Oh those growth spurt!!! They love to eat during that time!!!!