Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story 3

Earlier this week we headed to the movies with some friends. We had heard good things about Toy Story 3 and knew the kids would enjoy going with friends.

I have to confess that I didn't check out Plugged In Online before we went. With the many good reviews from friends we just went ahead:) I was glad that (for the most part) their reviews were right. It was a relativity good movie and makes us want to see the others!

My only problems were the name calling (idiot, stupid, etc), the intense scenes (that's for the Daddys that bring the kids!!), the lying and meanness between the leader toys at the day care and then the gender jokes about Ken.

Some of those issues seemed to go "over my kids' heads".... but not the intense scenes!! At one point Chris stood up out of his seat and screamed what sounded like "JUMP!". And another time I saw him crouched down behind the seat in front of him peaking between the seats.... but that's the adventure of watching anything with Chris... he really gets into the movie/show!!

Hopefully some of the meanness and ugly words don't make it into our house!

At dinner we asked the kids (and shared our own) favorite parts:
(might be a spoiler, if you haven't seen it and plan to!)
  • Lydia's - The purple bear. We explained that it was the "mean" bear but she said that "that's why I like him".... oh, my sweet Lydia!!
  • Chris liked when Buzz Lightyear picked up the train. That was soo the opening scene of the movie that he remembered.
  • We're not sure what Anna liked the most. She mentioned the Barbie character??
  • Brian loved the opening scene as well!! The action and intensity... sounds like a boy:)
  • I liked the last scene (i think) when Andy plays with his toys and the little girl before he gives them away. It's the final "playtime" and touching to see an almost college guy playing with his toys and a little preschooler. I'm such a girl:)

Days later I was about to throw away a diaper box but then I remembered the scenes of the kids from Toy Story turning the boxes into great things and using their creativity! Then I remembered reading that one of our history activities was to make chariots out of old boxes!! So that's what we worked on!!!

I'm not sure I'll think of a box the same way, again thanks to Toy Story!

And another random thing I took from the movie was the actual toybox.... I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to best store the kids' toys in the attic. We have two small "hall" storage areas where some "system" could be use to "organize" all the toys! But I was reminded by my sweet hubby about the toybox from the movie and how simple and easy it would be to clean up....

so I've been almost convinced that that's what we'll do. Although I'm NOT a "throw it in the box" Momma and the smaller toys that we'll eventually need to keep away from Nate will go in latched containers and stored on a shelf:)

Nate behaved himself during the movie, after a feeding and a diaper change (yes, both in the theatre so Momma could watch the movie!). I never attempted to bring the others to the movies when they were babes.... MAN!! Brian and I could have watched all sorts of movies... LOL!!

Anyway, we did enjoy our outing... and I am attempted to "catch up" and watch the other Toy Story movies.


Drea said...

I know I was a bit taken back by all the name calling 2. Its one thing for the word STUPID to be said a few times... but this one had a good few to many. The good thing and maybe this will encourage you.. our boys have seen plenty of movies with those words in it.. Like The Bugs life theres a scene where the grass hopper says "do you think im stupid? DO I LOOK STUPID TO YOU!" and then a scene in aladdin where the parrot says "that stupid lamp!" like a million times lol...

and then in chipmunks alvin says "stupid stupid tree" very loudly at the beginning...

the point is... if my boys say stupid they get their butt torn up LOL and they know its not a nice word.. but if they do hear stupid said they will ask me why it was said, because it hnk they are curious, since it is said so often by everyone.

Also the word Idiot they've heard from the lion king and i have never heard them say that word.

I do think it passes over their head and if it doesnt thats why we are here :)

I think that was so funny how chris reacted, he really got into it!!! And he did yell Jump! I think he wanted them to JUMP out of the pit.

I have a toy chest like in that movie... and while i like the idea of tossing everything into it.. my kids do much better with catagories especially caleb. so i have different bins for different toys.. so like one bin for match box cars, one toy for action figures, one for trains, etc... taite doesnt care, but caleb even told me today the he was so glad his room was cleaned out because now he could find his toys... where before i just had them all mixed together and piled into one big basket in our hallway. He kept asking me "how'd you find them?!" :) I said "I just cleaned up the junk" haha...

any who, i thnk it works in some situations but if u got a bunch of tiny toys the toys will get lost forever at the bottom of the bin.

Glad yall went! we need to do the freeby movies they are offering!! I think it be fun and since its at 10am we can do lunch afterwards

Drea said...

oh wow my comment was kinda long, guess i should of just called u LOL

Bunch of Barrons said...

I have heard lots of great reviews on this movie too. I do wish, like you said, that they wouldn't throw alot of stuff like name-calling in a kids movie. Merrick won't really sit through movies, but me and Billy want to see it. Haha. :)