Saturday, June 26, 2010

Answers for the boys' pictures

You all are GOOD!! Man, they are MY kiddos and I was amazed at how much they looked alike as babes:)

And Jenny said in a comment that she thinks my kids look alike. I think it's great since they are siblings, but to me they don't look alike minus some features, like the girls have the same color and hair type! ANna, Chris and Lydia all have different color eyes... etc!!

The boys though DO look alike to me:) here are the pics again with the answers:)
#1 - Nate

#2- Chris

#3 - Nate

#4 - Chris (but Nate gives us that same expression)

This is Chris!! I had forgotten how chubby he got!

This is Anna!!
I was soo surprised when I saw this picture b/c she has Nate's "raisin face", Chris' nose and Lydia's mouth:)


Jenny said...

They are just so cute! I thought that last one was Lydia, because of the mouth.

It's neat how much they look alike. I think my daughter looks like her dad, but many people say she looks like me. Just the other dad my Mom was watching Andy (my sister's youngest boy) and she said he made a face that made her think back to me 29 years ago. Same smile.

Bea said...

Hahaha Scott is not going to believe the last one is Anna because he was the one who said: "There is no way this is Anna!".
It was hard to guess the last picture!