Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cousin Time

This weekend we spent time with Hannah Grace...

it's amazing it's been a year and that she has already celebrated her 1st Birthday!!

And now she is walking while holding someone's hand;)

Unfortunately we're not around her more often, she does seem though to be a happy little girl:)

My girls doted on her the whole time!! They watched her every move and tried to help whenever possible!
Here's the batch of cousins;)

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the counsin bunch. It is too funny with Chris in the back! Really have to smile about this! Do you see that Anna and Hanna Grace have got the same ears? At least it looks like this on this picture.

Anonymous said...

I love the group picture. Too cute! Looks like they have a great time together.

Jenny said...

I can't believe she's one already! I remember you posted her pics as a baby!

That cousin pic is too cute!