Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Favorite Thing About Daddy

I thought it would be fun to ask the kids what their favorite thing about or what they do with their Daddy. We did it during church with the kids in the nursery, so then we asked the kids during lunch with all of us around the table.

Here are some of their answers!

  • He helps me ride my bike without training wheels.
  • He plays soccer with me.
  • He jumps on the trampoline with me.
  • He takes us on walks with him.
  • He the payer (she clarified, "he pays for us when we go to a restaurant").
  • He reads to us.
  • He's the giant on the trampoline.
  • He plays games with us.
*** I love that these are such simple and sweet things.... not big trips or things that require a lot money!! The kids value and love TIME with their Daddy!!

and then there is Nate's onesie that says it ALL!!

Happy Father's Day
to Our Super Hero Daddy!!!

and to our Dads!!


Jenny said...

So cute!

Beatriz said...

That is a great picture of Brian and Nate!!!!!
Happy Father's Day to Brian!!!

Drea said...

thats an very handsome pic of brian and nate!