Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on Nate & Sleepy Wrap

Sorry about the delay in sharing about Nate's follow-up appt!

The doctor immediately knew he had to "re-do" the silver nitrate procedure because he said it "looked like he hadn't done anything the first time".

So he applied some more silver nitrate into Nate's belly button. The doctor said that the granuloma was at the very bottom of his button, so he really had to push down inside..... let's just say Nate wasn't happy!!!

I asked about how to care for the button now and was told to "leave it alone for a couple of days" and to go back to giving him sponge baths so his belly stays dry!

So I haven't tried to clean it yet! It's crunchy again, but maybe that is the final drainage. I'm thinking it migh be better to let it "heal" some more before I start messing with it...

so that's where we are. The good news is that the doctor doesn't think his belly button is soo deep it goes into his bladder which was the doctor's biggest concern.

Onto something else....

With Nate's big blowout on Sunday PM, he got his Sleepy Wrap dirty and I've been soo misssing it!! I was soo glad to have it finish drying yesterday!

Here is Nate when he was days old:)

He still loves it at almost 6 weeks old... it has "magical powers" over him... LOL!! When he fussy or fighting sleep, it works wonders for us;)

But these are two reasons I love it.....
Rubbing noses;)

The super cute view!


Jenny said...

I hope his belly button heals quickly! Cute pics!

Andrea said...

Our 3nd child had this with her bellybutton. It took more than one silver treament to stop gooping. I REALLY wouldn't worry about it though. It will eventually get to look normal...eventually.
Also, don't forget to go with your INSTINCT about stuff. You knew in your heart about the cortizone (which can cause thinning of the skin if used long term) when you recieved poor advice from the nurse. God WILL give you the wisdom that you need, even though you aren't a doctor - put all your prayer and trust in Him. And be encouraged - we've all had issues with our precious little ones - you are doing a great job! What a beuatiful boy!