Thursday, June 17, 2010

Give me Some S'more

Last Friday and Saturday we went to visit with Grammie and Pey. The first day was busy with trip to a local garden...

We kind of chuckled that we were enjoying a "school day".... but the reality is that at my kids' stage we learn soo much anytime we are outside finding new stuff and really looking for things in nature.

Of course at this garden, the most exciting part for the kids is the Splash Pad... all the kids LOVED it. I only got pics of the girls though b/c I was nursing Nate while Chris was in the water... and he wore himself out before I could get the camera out!

Then we went to Grammie's and the kids swam their little hearts out:)

The cool thing this year is that both Chris and Ann can touch in the shallow end. With their swimming abilities and the fact that they can touch and that an ADULT is in the water with them.....

they were arm floatie- free!! Oh, I love this pick with Anna and Chris enjoying their freedom together!

After dinner we used Grammie's Mother's Day present.... a fire pit!

The kids got their first taste of s'mores. With our food allergies, finding milk-free, egg-free, peanut-free chocolate and graham crackers is challenging. But Grammie searched the racks and found some graham crackers. And then we used semi-sweet chocolate morsels (we have more luck with the store brand).

Chris and Lydia loved them!!

And here's Chris making his own marshmallow.... funny b/c I was supposed to be helping him and only when I took the picture did I realize his marshmallow was on fire!

It's always an action-packed adventure when we head up to Grammie and Pey's!

And I should be totally honest that Nate was very challenging while away. I realize now it was in the middle of a growth spurt.... but add in heat, being totally off-schedule, Momma trying to help with meals and other challenges of getting out of the house.... and it's no wonder why he was fussy.

We're hoping to travel some more in the next few weeks. But we need to go with the mindset... at least during the actual driving that we are going to have to make a lot more stops... some a little longer than normal so Nate can stick to his feeding schedule so he's not too fussy at the final destination.

And since I shared the girls in the Spray Pad and the pool pics!! You can water is our favorite in the summer!! And this is totally the theme at You Capture this week:)Photobucket


Bec said...

looks like you are having all kinds of summer fun!

Bunch of Barrons said...

So cute! :) I'm having fun at the pool this year with my two...they both LOVE splashing. ;)

Jen said...

Very nice! I love the fifth one!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Was that botanical gardens? they have something like that. i want to take dustyn, but would need kenny to go with me. lol. summer is so much fun, but i am already tired of the hot, hot weather.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful visit! Great shots!

Stam House said...

Look like you all had fun! and yumm for the S'more and hoping Nate you settle down from his growth spurt soon!