Monday, June 21, 2010

The Many Faces of our 7 Week Old

A little cautious

And lots of smiles!!!

Nate this week:
  • His baby acne is clearing up
  • Cradle cap has come.... but seems to be doing better after 3 washes with Head& Shoulders
  • He's been pulling his own hair - something Anna used to do
  • Last week and this week I have had foods baked with eggs or mayo... more spit-up! So I'm thinking eggs might be a problem for Nate like Chris and Lydia! I'll know more in couple of months when Nate's patterns and personality are more known and we can tell a definite change when I eat "allergy" foods.
  • On Sunday his every 2 hour feedings were stretched to every 3 hours, except starting at 5pm-ish he acted like he wanted to eat every 1.5 hours... yikes! So who knows what this week will look like.... funny, but I had gotten kind of used to every 2 hours.


Anonymous said...

Ah!!!!!!! He is so cute! You can really be proud of him. I do not remember that I have seen a seven-week-old one who is watching so interested and waked up!

Stam House said...

he is just adorable!!!! what cute expressions he as!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love his facial expressions.

Bea said...

Nate is getting bigger!!! He's such a doll!!!! adorable ( =

g ma and g daddy said...

Nate, you are beautiful! Don't I see a reddish tint to your hair. We can hardly wait to see you again.