Friday, June 25, 2010

Which boy is it???

Since Nate's been born we've wondered WHO he favors!

One of the funniest conversations was with some ladies in our town office. Two ladies had given their option of who Nate looked like. One was certain he favored Lydia and the other thought he favored Chris. Then a third lady walked through the door and said, "Don't you think he really favors Anna?" LOL!!

We were looking through some baby books with one of the ladies last week and there were some pictures of Christopher that looked like Nate... in fact, in a couple of years it will be hard to figure out who is in which picture....

want to try now???




And the teacher in me has to give you a Bonus pic... LOL!!
Which of my boys is this??

And heres the Challenge pic for those who really have talent at this... which of my 4 kids is THIS??


Drea said...

uhhh lol
#1 Nate
#2 Anna
#3 Nate?? or Lydia LOL Im confused on this one because if it was Lydia u have her in blue.
#4 no doubt Chris!!

#5 Brian?!
#6 you?

Drea said...

Travis said "To much look alike for me, I dont know" HAHA

Aunt Bea said...

I think...
#1 Nate
#2 Chris
#3 Nate
#4 Chris
#5 Chris
#6 Lydia?

I'm confused about the last one... but it looks like Lydia :0)

Jenny said...

I have always thought your kids look so similar. This will be difficult.
1. Nate
2. I think it' might be, but if the pics are just supposed to be the boys, then Chris.
3. Nate
4. Chris
5. I'm guessing Chris
6. Lydia

Jenny said...

I meant to say I'm thinking the 2nd one might be Anna, but if it's just the boys, then it is Chris.