Monday, December 31, 2007

Brian and I headed off to the movies late on Sunday night. Brian had seen a preview of a movie and wanted to check it out. Near Grandma and Granddaddy there is a movie theather that is really CHEAP, so it's a treat to get out and see a new release. Especially since Brian really enjoys movies and LOVES going to the movie theather.....which don't ever do at home.

The movie he wanted to check out was I Am Legend starring Will Smith. We havn't seen every Will Smith movie, but the handful we have seen we've enjoyed:) I didn't know anything about the movie, in fact, I hadn't heard of it or seen previews....I must not watch enough TV :)

We went and after just a little while I knew it wasn't for me. I endured a little over half the movie and then I had to get OUT of THERE. I'm sure some will read this having seen the movie and think I'm a wimp. But there is only soo much violence, suspence and gore that I can handle or even should handle.....

One mistake we made was to trust the rating system. This movie was only PG-13!!! PG-13 for people turning into vampire-like beings, suspenseful scenes where you just waiting for some creature to attack the main character...not for me....but probably shouldn't be for a 13 year-old either!!

One way we could have avoided this waste of our "evening out" was to check a great resource frm Focus on the Family. They review movies using all sorts of categories and give you warnings and suggestions about watching. Brian did check this but looked only at the a couple of categories....he didn't want to spoil the movie but learning all of the twists in the plot. But this would have been a great one to have read completely through!!! Maybe next time I'll read through doesn't bother me to have some of the plot revealed....sometimes it actually helps me get the details of the movie better:)

Children's Song: "Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh, be careful little eyes what you see; For the Father up above is looking down in love. So be careful little eyes what you see."


Erica said...

Check out
It is a website that compiles reviews from sources all over the country, and though it is not Christian, you can still get a feel for what type of movie it is without spoiling the plot. Or you could call Jeremy, since he's a movie nut and can pretty much tell you about any movie that is out!!!
He's been discouraged when he rents movies because I'm kind of sensitive too, esp. in my current state!! LOL!

Drea said...

we always go to i believe it is. i wouldnt be able to stand that either. ick.

theres a new romance out with Keira Knightly (the pirates of the cab. girl) that looks soooo good.. but i am almost positive it be full of sex scenes.. which doesnt really bother me but could make Travis stumble.. so thats out.. but id prob. rent it for a girls night HAHA

Travis or P.T. said...

I'm curious... what did Brian think?

Erica said...

We just watched Stardust and both loved it!! A true fairy tale.