Monday, November 30, 2009

Blips and Pics from Our Thanksgiving Trip

On Thanksgiving we joined the masses to grandma's house for Thanksgiving supper:) We left super early so we could spend most of the day with family and make our weekend trip seem longer:) Although it was short and relaxing, we definitely had plenty of fun!

Christopher noticed the birthday presents almost as soon as he got to Grandma's... so he opneded them up and headed outside to test out his HUGE remote control monster truck!!

Since Anna was a little intimidated by the bigger bike Grandma and Grandaddy had waiting, the boys took it our for a spin, or two!! You will never meet a father/son pair with such similiar mannerisms, sense of humor and interests... LOL!!

On Friday, we skipped the shopping to visit with Gran-Grandma!! She had fallen on Thursday, so we were all comforted to see her and be reminded that she's a tough little lady:)

Brian dotes on his grandmother! It's soo sweet to see! It's amazing that she'll be 101 years old come January!!

A flat tire on the way home from Gran-grandma's!! Nothing makes you worry more about your husband than seeing him laying on a highway shoulder changing the tire on the family van! Then nothing makes your more thankful and proud when you're back on the road minutes later.... I've got a great hubby! And a super father-in-law!

On Friday night we tried to sneak out for a movie! But the movie we were all hoping to see was "sold out"! So we headed to the Red Box! The girls enjoyed the warm car and sent the boys to do the soul searching of whether they were going to get a movie for their wives or themselves:)

I'm happy to report they are good husbands and got the girlie movie, although they totally got into the car singing the Transformer theme song... LOL!!

Grandma making breakfast with her three little "helpers"!!

Want to know how to really confuse Grandaddy???

Give him his Christmas present the Saturday after Thanksgiving while he's reading the newspaper:) LOL

We want him to try it out before Christmas!!

We tried to get some family photos for Grandma and Grandaddy's Christmas card.... LOL!! Chris wanted to wear binoculars... what a nutty kid!! Cute though:)

Before we left on Saturday, we did do a little shopping. Brian and I woke early to get some deals at an empty store... LOL... we probably didn't need to get up quite so early on Saturday:) But they appreciated the business, maybe not the morning breath!!

Later we visited the outlets:) At a children's store Brian and I scoured the 99 cent racks to find t-shirts for Anna next summer:) We wished we would have picked out some for Lydia too... since she already fits in their size 4 shirts:)

I thought these little shirts were adorable.... the girls loved them and wore them all day:)

We had a great trip and Thanksgiving with family:)


Bunch of Barrons said...

Such cute photos! Looks like you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving! :) Oh, and I was reminded by your comment on my I Heart Faces post: "gosh" was another one we definitely weren't allowed to say. :) We were told to say something like "rats" instead! :) And Merrick repeats everything we say...they definitely do learn by modeling! :)

Jenny said...

Great pictures! It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend!