Friday, November 6, 2009

Cotton Gin Trip

We enjoyed our trip to the cotton gin this morning:)

Brian and I enjoyed the trip as well!! We've been wanting to go to a cotton gin for a while now, so it was fun for the whole family to go together!! Since it was soo loud Lydia pretty much stayed in Daddy's arms:)
Here is one of the machines that separates the seeds, hulls and waste/dirt from the cotton. The kids stayed WAY back... and it was very loud!!
One acre of cotton planted yields about 800 pounds of cotton. And each one of these bags of cleaned, unseeded cotton weighs between 450-500 lbs!! Over an acre of cotton in 2 bags!!
One of the highlights was to feel the cleaned cotton! It was amazing how soft it was and even more amazing that all the cotton is used to make so many of the items we use everyday!!
I'm hoping to sit and talk about the trip with Anna. I'm also brainstorming ideas of how to extend the trip into an activity or "project" that will help her (and maybe Chris and Lydia) remember some of the information we learned!

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