Monday, November 2, 2009

Like Kids in a Candy Store

Here is the continuation of Halloween candy and our food allergy house...

Some "un-safe" candy always seems to make to into our house in their little buckets. Again, I am thankful that my kids ask before eating and they are very cautious about eating foods(and candy) that they don't recognize as "safe".

With some of the "leftover" candy, I set-up a little Candy Swap for the kids. They gave me pieces of "un-safe" candy and exchanged it for a piece from a "safe" bowl that I had made for them. They were sooo excited....

And truly reminded me of the phrase, "like kids in a candy store" !!

You can tell that much deliberation went into choosing the new candy that they wanted in their buckets!!!

Here is the "contraband" that we found in their buckets!! I'm soo relieved to have it out and the safe candies in!!! Just a moment or idea to try something new could make one of the kids very sick!

Do you recognize any of your favorite treats?

I think sometimes Brian and I feel a little remorseful for what we feel like the kids are missing or denied because of their allergies. But we are soo thankful for the treats that they ARE able to enjoy and are always a little excited to find new ones they can have and like:) This year the kids discovered NERDS..... I think it's funny because their favorites are now Smarties (US type) and NERDS :)


Jenny said...

Yes, I have recognized one of ma fav. candy, it WAS snickers. I have give up on it, as I do not feel safe with it, too. Could change it for me Kelly? ;-)
Smarties? But smarties have got milk inside!

3 for Me! said...


American Smarties are hard sugar candies with no milk. They are pictured in my Halloween Candy and Food Allergy post below.

It was confusing when we went to Canada and the kids could not have Canadian Smarties... which are like American M&Ms.

Uncle Scott said...

I'll take the unsafe candy! Save it for me.

3 for Me! said...

Sorry Uncle Scott and all other friends/family members wanting to visit now that we have "good snacks"!

The "BAD" candy is officially leaving the house tomorrow and heading to the TnT Awana class! We have tried to keep most un-safe foods out of the house so there is no way or the kids to even touch something that has been touched by one of these foods! They can be soo sensitive to foods sometimes!

Jenny said...

Ah, okay, I just wondered, becuase for me smarties are like M&Ms, too.