Friday, November 13, 2009

15 Weeks and the Preggo Belly

It's hard to believe that we are 15 weeks into our pregnancy! In the midst of a busy homeschooling, kiddie house most weeks just fly by!!!!

We had our monthly checkup this week! At my last visit, my midwife (who delivered Lydia) asked that I bring the kids.... is she crazy??? LOL

Since it was with that same midwife AND just a check-up where we'd hear Baby's heartbeat, I thought we'd try it. The kids did well:) I figured Lydia would probably accompany me to the bathroom... I'm sure I'll be hearing, "Why you pee-pee in cup, Mommy? Dat is silly" for the next month.... but overall it was a good experience . The midwife got a kick out of seeing Lydia, how different my kids look and watching them roughhouse a bit in the room!!

Although I still feel like my belly is really "showing", I am still probably not showing that much. Oh, it breaks my heart.... LOL

So here's my little 15 week preggo belly. While I wish it was a little bigger making it obvious that I was pregnant, I know in a couple of months I'll be "singing a different song":)

My husband thinks I'm a little crazy... LOL... I keep telling him it's like a pregnancy "right" to be showing enough for people to know that you are PREGNANT and not just pudgy around the middle. And I think that desire is greater when your pants are tight or impossible to wear without a belly band.... when you feel pregnant!!!!

Like I said before, I've been blessed with a smooth pregnancy thus far. I did notice the other day that my nausea had returned and quickly realized that it was after I take my vitamins in the morning. So I'm trying to take them at night... good excuse for a yummy snack:)

And my back at night has bothered me a bit. This has happened with each pregnancy, so I figured it was coming. Usually they tell me to stop picking up my kids :( This is a little easier since my oldest two are so independent now. But when I need to put Chris in the grocery cart or Lydia needs some snuggling... picking them up is going to happen and honestly my body is used to their weight, so apart from my back, I'm not worried about it hurting anything else.

My greatest solution has been an egg crate mattress pad on my bed... a super simple and cheap one from Walmart that we bought when I was pregnant with Anna!! It has been wonderful for me!! We put it on the bed about week or so ago and I'm sleeping soundly through the night again!! Now I just need to get another body pillow or steal mine back from Lydia :)


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I'm 15 weeks today too!!

Meg said...

You look great! You have a definate baby bump! Lydia looks excited to become a big sister! I know what you mean about those yummy late night snacks with prenatals- my treat was rainbow sherbert icecream.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Your little belly is too cute! :) I have a do you and Meg know each other??? :) We've known each other for years, but wasn't sure what the connection was. :) Is it just a small world?

Jenny said...

Your belly is so cute! I'd say that's a baby belly!