Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 Thankful Turkeys and a Goat

On Friday we partciipated in a Thanksgiving Party and Feast with some more local homeschoolers! One of the activities was making Thankful Turkeys! I thought all the kids did really well... here are the three that we brought home:)

This is Lydia's!
Brian obviously wrote the words for her, but she told him what to write:) Soo cute! Gotta love that she is thankful for "popcorn"!!!

This is Christopher's!
He picked his feathers and how he wanted them arranged:)
Originially he was drawing pictures of things he was thankful for, like robots and sprayers...LOL!! But I think he got embarrassed so he colored it all in. And he told me his turkey had been playing in MUD:)

Anna did hers alone (minus me helping her with the word "house")!!!
I love the simple but sweet words (even those slightly mispelled... like "sestr"!
The two on the top that are soo light read "Gob" (aka God) and Word (aka the Bible)!! So sweet!

We had an informal mtg about 4H... after the meeting they had some goats for the kids to pet and feed. I LOVE how much my Christopher loves animals. He was the first to stick his hand in the bucket to feed the goats:)

I had to share this picture because I just LOVE his "I'm loving this" face!

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