Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simply Dressed

When I asked the kids what they wanted to dress like they were eager to choose their own outfits. WHich was more than fine with me..... so we ended up going with very simple and easy costumes.

Anna loves a ballet outfit that was given to her. So she was quick to choose that!! Aunt Bea bought some cute clips the other day and matched very well... we were disappointed that she had to wear her tennis shoes because one of her ballet slips was MIA!!

Chris orginially wanted to be Diego... we had it all but the vest... we searched but didn't find one. We did find an ARMY shirt for $1.50 and he LOVES it... I think he'll wearing it LONG after Halloween is over.

Lydia is definitely my non-conformist!! She had NO desire to dress up although I thought she'd make an adorable BABY or Carrie from Little House on the Prairie... nope, she wanted to be "nothing". So that is what she dressed as and told people who asked her what she was dressed like... "Nothing!"

I also dressed up... more to have an outfit for Awana. But I also decided to wear my outfit to our church's Fall Festival:) Yes... I was a Dr Pepper can. It's actually my brother's outfit... why not get more use out of it:)


Drea said...

ahh the bottle in your hand, NICE TOUCH! :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Cute costumes! :) I love Dr. Pepper! :) haha.

Beatriz said...

I like the costumes!!! yours was really good!:) Why do you think Lydia didn't want to dress up?