Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ever feel like this???

It's been POURING out for almost 2 days....

I'm starting to feel like this :)

The story behind the picture is that a church member dropped him off for the kids to enjoy on Monday. After our schoolwork was done the kids went out to "play" with the turtle:) We let him roam around the fenced in but he had ONE goal.... escape:) LOL

He did eventually escape. Contratory to common belief, turtles move fast when they are on a mission to escape:)

Anyone see our missing turtle??? The kids are missing Sweetie Pie.... LOL


Bunch of Barrons said...

I used to LOVE catching turtles when we were little, you're right they can be fast! :) Merrick and I caught one on a walk one time, he loved it, too! :) Cute pictures!

Drea said...

turtles kinda are weird to me lol, the necks! ew.. haha but they are cute 2 for some reason.
kinda like a bull dog... they are so ugly they are cute.

we are glad today is clearing up SOME.. its cold but atleast its not pouring.. the weekends suppose to be nice!!