Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where is she from????

The other morning after Lydia has a bowl of dry cereal (yes, she's still not drinking soymilk), she asked for something else to eat. I offered the gamit of fruits and breakfast foods but she wasn't interested!!

She opened up the fridge and pulled out some rice leftover from the night before!! I offered to at least heat it up for her, but she wasn't interested!!

She finished the whole bowl:) So tell me.... in what culture/area do people eat cold rice for breakast???

I should take the opportunity to update about Lydia's picky eating. She has actually been doing a lot better about trying green foods. She'll eat raw carrots and cucumbers and cooked broccoli:) And although she isn't crazy about green beans she'll put down a few without gagging to get a special dessert!

They all go through a picky eating stage. I tend not to worry too much, although I'm a Mommy and want my kids to eat their veggies and have well balanced diets:)

So for now we will praise for all the green (and other veggies) that the kids eat up! Hoping that they will eventually LOVE veggies b/c they are always on their plates... LOL!! Isn't that a theory out there??


Drea said...

ew lol, lydia lydia. :) you so cute lol

Jenny said...

Now that is disgusting! LOL!